Tuesday, December 30, 2008

this week...or more like today

So Santa Claus brought lots of great stuff, some better than others..... this has been a popular game- remember this?

Murray is looking as cute as ever, my firends washed his mohawk out :( Need a dogsitter for next week, when we are away. Any ideas?

Have finished an unfinished project around the house- $70 to sit down while you do your business, unbelievable!

And the bags were given today with great success. Little Miss had lots of fun pretending it was all her idea and doing!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A quiet day

A bedroom makeover.....

A much needed glass after being housebound for 3 days...

30 year old golden books I can't keep......

And 2 new projects. Day care teacher gifts

and another new toy for my spoilt girl.

Friday, December 26, 2008

A lazy time had by all

Ahh, the build up is immense, and then on the day.....nothing. Nought. Nil. Bliss.

After the presents were opened and new dvd's being watched, it was back to bed for a 2 HR NAP! Was woken at 11.30 and the local cafe made us eggs for Xmas lunch. My big plans for a picnic lunch were squashed when I realised she was happy playing with her new things, I did a bit of sewing, and did not feel guilty about it. A day of rest we had, mmmmm.

A new member of our family is spunky little Diego, wearing Murray's Schmackos Xmas hat.

The Santa sack seemed bottomless, but holds a years worth of goodies.

these new lantern lights have changed her room around a bit, a perfect night light. The flash photo didn't have the same effect.

And how surprised was I when I opened my little girls present to me (organised by my girlfriend) and found she had picked this gorgeous set for me. What good taste! I bought her her first grown up watch, which she is loving, learning to tell time is important for a school girl, she tells me.

And the sewing was yesterday was to finish off a hat for my friend's daughter, and one for my little miss. No embellishment needed for this one, great fabric, great style, thanks again Nikki!

The rest of today, which has started out a lot like yesterday (but throwing out boxes and wrapping instead of making more), with a bit of tidying, a bit more sewing (another pressie to finish before tonight) and a bit of napping. I have to brave the shops, only because my house guests accidentally took my phone charger with them on their holiday! Despite posting it back, it won't arrive till next week, and I am left textless, arghh, the tragedy! Hope I can get it charged at a shop somewhere.......

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ho ho ho

Still in 2 minds about the Christmas thing, a bit bipolar with my enjoyment at the moment! Have finished up at work, done the shopping, so am happy, but nowhere to go Xmas day, so not so happy. Anyway, other things that make me happy include....

My funny dog! Needed an extra pair of hands for this shot, I love how he always looks happy for the camera! And so furry!

Some Xmas t-shirts I made my friends boys. The ones I also made the Santa sacks for. Had to shorten one of them, to make them the same, so made the tees are the same too, pretty cute I think.

Saffron Craig's free fat quarter (mentioned in an earlier post)made a cute little stocking- ala, I ran out of time to finish the cross stitch one. I will show you a shot of where I got up too (tomorrow maybe) and plan to finish it for next years suprise. Silly me should have measured the stocking around the dvds I wanted to put in them, oh well, lots of little things to find!

Where we'll hang it.

My first day of hols tomorrow, have a few presents to finish making, to be given after Xmas (thank goodness!). Happy crafting everyone and hope you get it all finished in time!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I have a problem.....

Actually, I don't know if it's a problem or a hobby. I think there must be a fine line somewhere there! I'll call it my "op shop haby hobby". This is my Salvos score from yesterday ($7, a bit steep for me!) Not the tray. And a whole box of hooks and eyes, mind you! They'll last me a lifetime! This was from Savers last week, more jewellery stuff and of course, bias binding. I may have a lot, but boy, there must be heaps out there! It obviously keeps for years!

My owl score was impressive, $6 for all these. Maybe on some hats, clothes, bags....endless uses, just have to make the time now. Little Miss thought I had made them, now wouldn't THAT be an achievement!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting stuff done

Yes, something has kicked in and inspired me to clean up the study. Could be the fact I can't find anything.....hmm, and losing my CV and missing out on some cool jobs has also been an inspiration!

This week I also joined up with this mailing list, where you get a free fat quarter- I got a Xmas theme, a stocking to sew. Haven't yet finished my cross stitch one, so this may come in very handy! It is so easy to join up, it's ridiculous.

So after a Nanna nap, I got up and had a coffee, then attacked this pile. I know, I know, how can it get this bad, just lots of procrastination I'm afraid. It gets to a point that it is then soooo overwhelming to clean up, it's better to leave it. And this is only one portion of the room!

Only took 2hrs or so, and still haven't done any job applications, at least I can think, though. And did a bit of decorating, too

this is my recent op shop score of photo frames, all brand new in wrapping. Frames are so expensive at the shops, so these are a bonus, I out a few pics in and a picture Little Miss's cousin drew for her birthday. Now I have to find my fishing line to hang it! that's for another day....

No photo, but have a new toilet seat, very exciting, and much joy this morning for Miss 5, and there is a bubble causing deodoriser thing, woo hoo, livin' on the the edge haha.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Broken stuff

After a glass of wine or two I started thinking about the things I would REALLY want for Xmas, if there was such a wish list for a single parent whose child can't shop. What about all the the things that need fixing around the house, that would start the New Year off really well if there was no stress as to how to clean up the mess of 2008.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...should I tag this one? Could be fun, with the challenge to be rid of the mess by next year. Let me start with mine

after a few lemonades one night I was out, I came home and fell over a little bit in my teeny tiny toilet, and the lid broke off. The seat has stayed on for a few months until today......Bunnings visit tomorrow after work, for sure.
This BBQ was originally from my grandfather bought, used it a few times, then sent to my sister from Sydney to Melbourne when he passed away. They kept it for a bit, didn't want it, sent it to me. I am now going to get a kit to convert from natural gas to gas bottle, what a hassle, but a new BBQ and a challenge for me (even Dad didn't want to help!).

My ole rental house is pretty old, but getting repairs is a hassle as it means a landlord visit! SO I tried to nail some wood where the white box is, for the back bit to crumble and I need a landlord visit....Damn! Has to be done or Murray is loose.

Lastly my pile of tip stuff, I really hope someone else has as many reno jobs for 2009 as me, I will definatley take pics as fixed and keep you updated. I have done many things in my life, have helped birthed lots of babies, can clean up my house!

Tagged are Ethel Loves Fred

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy buzzy bee!

I feel I am torn in about 10 ways at the moment, and I only have one child to get ready for Xmas! And as I am trying to do a handmade Xmas (and already failing miserably) I haven't been getting many projects finished, but a lot started. After my visit to here last week (or the week before, I have lost track) I bought this pattern and wanted to try it immediately. Nikki has so many great patterns, I am not just saying that, they are E-A-S-Y too, her blog and website are great too. I have the Bell bag before, and am making a few for pressies this year, as well as the Baguette, and now the Kid's Hats. I can't wait to book a class in the purse making, I have been enviously reading others blogs about this fun day.

Anyway, enough about my New Year's Resolution (which is too attend some craft classes for the social contact!) here is the new hat in the making (checking size and having a laugh)
and the finished product. There are a few variations you can make, and I am not sure which one I did, as it's my first, but believe me, it took 2 nights and no unpicking! I did stab my middle right finger hand sewing the lining onto to denim, and it is now hot and sore, but that is an occupational hazard for a sewing person (how do you spell sewer? As in "I am a sower").
Goes great with the jarmies, denim is a bit heavy for it, but the next will be lighter cotton. (When I told little miss I had put a flower on it, she said "that's not a flower, it's a yo-yo"!)
A handmade Christmas star- cut from the card I was made at day care, couldn't have made it better myself!
Remember this post? well, here is my version. Old canvasses Little Miss had painted on, that I didn't want to keep but wanted to recycle, some foam and brown velveteen (stated by my sis to be better as it doesn't show the dust!). Very easy, and I am wearing more accessories, which I like.
Had another party today for my daughters dad's family, and I attempted another cake. Hope it's not posted to this blog....I think it's a disaster, the cakes broke, the icing is too bright, it was late at night.....the kids loved it though, no more cakes for a year, yay.
A last link, I attended this market yesterday, going out in the ferocious storm to get lollies for the above mentioned cake (AND I couldn't find heart lollies anywhere- what is THAT about?). Apparently it wasn't advertised much, I got a flyer and as I live around the corner dropped in. Everything was great, but I have to plug this man's work- I was taken aback and so amazed by his work, and he was lovely to chat too. We had a discussion about the magic Faraway Tree, and pixies, and my poor daughter was a bit bored! I am picturing a few pixie doors in the backyard to make it special.....
Have a great week!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

happy birthday!

A wonderful birthday for my little one, with a very early start (5.30am, hence the terrible photo below!) to open the present, and days of playing with them. Lunch at yum cha in the city, delicious, and family around.

A beautiful bunch of tulips from a little friend.

And her birthday cake (didn't have a big enough tray!)

My present to her, to enjoy her music and story cds. She was pretty happy!

And I think she is so gorgeous, I will post this one of me, despite my 5.30am face. After 5 hrs sleep, too, by the way!

Ho Ho Ho! The next step is Christmas! Christmas at my mother's has been cancelled, due to the good ole family argument. So a few weeks off work, lazing around at home and spending time with my girl, ah, bliss. Hopefully lots of craft and sewing, too!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


That's all I have to say.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

this week

Another week has flown, with preparations underway for the weekend of the year! Monday started off with babysitting day, and I decided (as minding 3 kids wasn't enough!) to make some flat sheets fitted. I have tried measuring, but it always comes out wrong, so I fit them on the mattress. Took lots of photos in case anyone wants a tutorial.....let me know!

Little miss and her friend in their op shop dress ups, on the mattress, not really helping, just looking pretty!
The small yo yo maker has come in handy, cute hair ties
A bit more cross stitch, enjoying it. Need a few more dvd's though, tv is getting worse at the moment!

And today was the cake at day care, so a party frock was necessary. And a gorgeous grin! Imagine the grin when she sees what's in the next photo...

Isn't it my perogative to spoil my child? All my bargain ribbon sure came in handy, too, now I just hope she'll let me take it back for sewing!

2 sleeps to go!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Yay, I got the pics right, must of had a brain freeze for a few days and couldn't work it out. Today it just flowed haha.

Had a great out yesterday morning, met this talented woman, and her amazing ideas. The new mod bag is awesome, so big, and I can't wait to buy it (rang out of money!). But picked up these anyway. Can't wait to make the hats, but will make a few Chrissy presents first of bags. I already have this pattern, so a few of them and a few baguettes may be necessary. And of course some yo yo hair bands.
Dropped some donations off at Savers Brunswick afterwards and found this gorgeous piece of fabric, and bit too lightweight for bags, but maybe a lining? Or a dress or skirt? Love it anyway, add to the stash!

I couldn't resist this gorgeous necklace, my jewellery collection is growing and have discovered bicarb soda to clean them, so this came up beautifully.

Will wear it to work tomorrow, just so I can wear it!

And an exciting addition to my sewing machine family of feet, and 'stitch in the ditch' foot, for my cot quilts! No more wonky stitching, even though only I would probably notice it, this will make it a thing of the past (I hope).I have the other quilting attachments, this is all I need, I think. Woo hoo!

Had little Miss's friends for a sleepover last night, Mr 3 went home as he missed mum and dad, but Mr 5 and my one got on like a house on fire. They have spent a total of 36-48hrs together since Fri (adding on this arvo's gymnastics session) and not one argument! Mine even crawled onto the mattress on the floor at 3.30am after Mr 5 had a nightmare. Awww......
Babysitting has continued today for another friend, so have an excuse NOT to do housework, off to sew......