Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wordless weekend

Goodbye old stuff

Monday, February 22, 2010


Had to do that title in large letters, as everything is large there! I was taken by my friend a few weeksd ago, and thought i'd go for a second look- definately not as impressive the second time, but still fun.
We ended up with a few school snacks and staples....

leaving behind what we really wanted to buy! Wasn't I good?

(from here)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Needed another one

I just had a look back, and I don't think I blogged about my keepcup! I got the one on the left for my b'day in November, and I used it religiously for a few weeks. Then it became all too hard- here's why.
My coffee order is 'strong latte'. No, I don't want a long black with milk; nor a strong flat white. Strong latte is me. So when I gave them the (medium) keepcup, the strong factor was missing; they still put a double shot in the cup, it was just drowned out by extra milk. Extra milk I didn't want or need! I started asking for less milk, which then meant I had to remember to ask, and what is the point of a regular coffee haunt where they know your order if you have to tell them everyday?
I stopped using it. Back to paper cups. Coffee was good. Environment wasn't. Guilt setting in.
Until I stopped into the Green Collective today and bought the small!! Cute, isn't it?

and I can change the colours around!

So I think this has solved the problem. Apparently the large keepcup is the size of a milkshake cup? May need that for my iced coffees.
My new coffee haunt has just opened, a great barista has finally opened a juice/smoothie/coffee place called liquid. Check it out! The best in the 'ville.

PS No website yet, but it is 3/58 anderson st yarraville.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Creative Space

This is bit of 'unwinding' stuff I am doing at the moment- have started packing, and already feeling like i've had enough! So instead of boring you with photos of boxes (I though about it) here they are, from L-R: dress I was asked to alter for Little Miss's babysiter (free babysitting in return); some more Pocket Purses; denim cut-offs; cute cat. The cat is being soooo clingy lately, and loves leaving black fur all over the cream couch- noice.

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Monday, February 15, 2010


In between packing...OK, instead of it, this weekend I finished this shirt, that was cut out a week or two ago. I have rearranged the sewing space to be in the lounge room, telling myself if I sew at night while watching TV, then I have the day to sort and pack. Yeah, right!
Anyhoo, it's New Look 6781- this one, NOT this one.

(buttons going on tonight)

to wear to work tomorrow!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Place and Yours

I wanted to play along last week, and still might- the whole shoe thing....lets' talk in another post.
This weeks one is very poignant- this is the kitchen I am about to leave behind!!! This big lump of wood came from the side of the road when we moved in, and as appreciative as I am about it, having no other form of bench top/pantry in the place, I see it as a sign that my partner at the time was such a loser, this was the best we could do!!!!!

Things I won't miss about my kitchen:
  • bench top/cupboards being on bricks
  • Floor being bumpy, so lots of stuff rolling under said bench top/cupboards.
  • a gap at the back so lots of stuff rolls down the back.
  • Hard to clean under.
  • Hard to clean around
  • Unable to open oven door (at right hand side of bench) completely, therefore making cooking difficult
  • Gap between stove and sink, with years of other people's gunk down the side...

Oh, where was I ? Just about the bench space, right? The cupboards have been useful;, once I got everything into Tupperware and could stack, but cooking involves lots of moving around of containers, and I couldn't be arsed half the time!!

Here's to 3 weeks and being in a new kitchen.......

(photos of new dishwasher to come....)

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Saturday, February 13, 2010


I had a lover-ly night out the other night at the NCB.
This little group is so much fun, there are some other good reviews here and here.
That's if you want to know about the craft.
I'm reviewing the food!
For my dinner, I didn't pass a McDonald's on the way, and am very glad I didn't, as I had the bangers and mash.

Anna had a burger, and the Cokes come in the glass bottle, the only way it should be drunk in my opinion. Does anyone like it in plastic? (Blurgh.)

The best bit was when they ask if you want mustard? Out comes the condiments- all written in German, but so yummy you want to squeeze the tube into your mouth and lick the top (like you would toothpaste if it were a bit tastier).

It's an awesome cafe, other great things include the ice coffee and mineral water, brownies etc. We have so far been the only ones there, I think, on a Thursday night.

Onto other things, here is the shirt I made my lawn fairy, Wal (everyone needs one of those, you come home and the lawns mowed, ace!). I think it's the first thing I've made with all the pattern going the right way, and big bonus for me! And we didn't lose him in the crowd at the festival. Although the Hawaiian themed choir wanted to give him a lei.....
And a parting shot of a naughty boy....Mum, I got caught in the rain!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Door Bitch

Say no more

My Creative Space

Wow, 4 days without posting and this is what I come up with? No craft, you think? Well, I have been TRYING to be good, getting organised and starting to pack. The need for organising the filing cabinet came on Monday, when applying for a loan meant time sheets, bank statements etc. And then I started downsizing and have a nice big basket to shred (when I find a shredder).
Can you spot the pattern and fabric in the middle of the pile? My little treat to myself when I finish the filing cabinet, I can make myself a top. We'll see if the bribe works :)

And a giveaway! The old filing cabinet is yours for the taking, as long as you come and pick it up. Empty, it isn't that heavy, I just don't need it, the 2 bottom drawers had UFO's in it! Email me for deets if you're interested (no, I didn't paint it, it came like that).

It's too big to take to the Northern Craft Bonanza tonight, but there will be some treats to swap......
head over to Kirsty's to see more spaces....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Day in the Car

We set off bright and early yesterday morning, off to this market I hadn't explored yet.

we bumped into friends, and found some new ones, and could have spent the whole day on High St, really, popping in and out of the shops. We had a few new goodies (I got to 'borrow' them)
and treated myself (in case I forget my name haha)

became a convert to the knitted washcloth (much prettier than what I can knit)

and did the box haul. We dropped in on Tinniegirl and Ms L with yummy cupcakes, and cleared them out!

The rest of the day was spent driving to the other side of town to drop Little Miss to a sleepover. I thought that driving around started in the teens? Like the attitude? Aren't I lucky she's so advanced? See my previous post for my treat to myself on the way home (Salvos).

Flea Market Finds

Oh, I wish I had some beautiful piece of furniture to show, something from decades or centuries ago, but alas, the 80's still does it for me.
I dropped in yesterday to my favourite Salvo's St Kilda (remember the couch?) and found my 'new house' place mats, and Little Miss's favourite board game ($4!). She has been madly playing this with the neighbour, but as he won't be so close anymore, it'll be up to me tyo get my butt kicked!

I dropped in on a friend yesterday and was gifted with these. Aren't they incredible? I love them, will they be used or on display, I haven't decided yet. But a very appropriate gift heehee
(God, I won't be missing that carpet much).

and a little find Cam and I had the other day. Couldn't resist a shot of the wedding dress with purple fur trim! The back was equally as gorgeous, with the purple fur around each sleeve cuff too. Noice. Different. Unusual.

See over here for some (proper) finds from our great host.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well, we survived the first week back at school, and have had a major 'bad attitude' change with the little Miss being 'grounded'! (It was only for a day, but she didn't know that). School lunches have been successful this week, but got this scary bread out the other day and had to show you....

it reminded me straight away of this Seinfeld episode! She ate it and didn't complain, maybe the attitude change was due to the opium?
I made this little number in a few hrs the other day- only to have yesterday be freezing and I couldn't wear it!

I cut this out last night, I'm going to try and finish this one today! I have a few other projects to finish off too, the pram won't get finished in time for the market tomorrow, but have enough stuff to take.

And an early morning shot of my spunky girl in her cool pj's i made. Remember when the best thing in life was Sat morning TV and breakfast in front of it? Never changes.....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Creative Space

I'm joining in this week, last week didn't manage to see me doing much.But and impromptu market this Sunday has got my butt into gear with my pram project.
So the fabric has been picked

and it's all coming together nicely. A bit fun too!

If you are over this way, or want an adventure, come and check out Reuse It Baby, there will be 2nd hand stuff and some new as well.

For my crafty peeps, head over to the hostest with the mostest to see more.

Monday, February 1, 2010


After the first day of school drop off, where Little Miss ran off and sat down in the front without a goodbye kiss for mum (sob), I headed over to Curlypop's sewing studio to make an a-line skirt.
The aqua tablecloth was perfect.....

with the 80's 'Ken Done' type print shoes form the oppy for $2.99!

The purple back also went with all the colours, and the shoes are so comfy!! A whole new outfit for under $10!!

The first day called for a repeat photo.

and the best bit? back to school after finally losing her first tooth! And the one next to it is already wobbly.....