Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another one

This title has a double meaning- another lunch bag, and another post today! Be warned, we could go for a third- I rather daftly had half an energy drink, thinking it would help me cope with the girls 'tude before bedtime; rather, I think I'll be up for a little while, may as well be productive while I can!

This is the third (well, 4th kind of) for the same child- yep, mine, I would probably tell any other kid to shove it!! The last one was too big again- no room in the school bag for anything else. The bonus of having such child is I am perfecting my pattern, practising and this one from start to finish was a day (a few breaks in between).

I originally got these fabrics for the lunch bag, but when I suggested them three bags ago- no way! So today I let her pick her own fabric (I hear this is how you get teenagers to do things, make it seem it's their idea. Pity I've had to use that on a 6 yr old!)

All ready to be tested out tomorrow! Good luck parents, I know already my routine is back- I'll go to bed too late, sleep in and rush out the door to get to assembly late.....etc etc
PS These will be in my shop soon, RRP $40. Pre-order in your own colours if you like....

Flea Market Finds

I'm really excited to join along with this this year. Regular readers (heehee) will know I love the oppies, and always have a find to show off.

These ones were found last week after I dropped a big load of stuff at Savers.
I like donating there as they stamp a discount card for your so you save on your next 5 purchase, up to 25% off!
So after my lounge makeover, I'd been looking for a tablecloth for the other couch, and voila! It was a tad more expensive, $17.99, but when you know it's what you want, it's hard to knock it back. The thicker one next to it was a bit cheaper, probably a tablecloth for the new house.

I also scored this tablecloth- about to made into a skirt tomorrow at Cam's. It will be my first 'make your own pattern' lesson from my skirt book.

Head over to Sophies for some more treasure hunters/ old stuff collectors.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a week!

Wow, I can't believe it's been a week since I blogged, time is flying! The holidays seem to have flown by, and before I know it, I'll have a Grade 1 girl!
But lets backtrack a bit. It's been busy to say the least. Monday started with a wedding- a day of preparations saw us running out the door at 5pm, for the flower girl to be on time (shouldn't have bothered of course, who's on time at a wedding?)

My bag went beautifully! Added some vintage glamour.....

And there was dancing and more dancing, I didn't know she had so many moves! I dragged her home about midnight, with a promise to stay up when we got home. Needless to say Australia Day was spent half asleep!

Back to work for 3 days this week- Wed, Thurs and Fri, it left my evenings pretty short as I needed my sleep!
Thursday night, though, I buzzed up on caffeine and popped along here.
I managed to finish ONE measly hair tie when I got home, covered a few buttons while I was, forgot to take photos, but generally had a ball chatting to people in real life for a change. This chickie sums it up well.
Lastly, a shot of Little Miss's tomato haul. As long as Mummy remembers to water them, they are coming along great, so yummy too.

Now off to house hunt!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Shoes again

I did a post quite a while ago about my love affair with shoes, mainly platform ones. I'm getting into the whole moving idea, and REALLY clearing out! Well, I'll blame the move and the fact I have no appropriate shoes for any event.
This pile is nearly all gone...

I have been hoarding shoes since my early 20's- what for? I thought I'd pass these on to my daughter. Was I serious? I think she'd rather I pay for a new pair...

Ditto with these. Many good times I had, one's I never want my child to know about.

So after the clear out, I could seriously justify these purchases. New Grrrrrosby's for work (if I click my heels, I'm transported home...heehee)

and some sexy heels for a wedding tonight. 70% off! I'm re-learning to walk in them now....

Next stop....clothes!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Place and Yours

Yay, I'm loving the theme this week from Vic, I've been meaning to blog about this for a while, now I have the kick up the bum I needed!
I read every day, and I too read every one's New Year's post/resolutions about reading more, as I was reading them my head was thinking was my usual advice when someone asks me 'how do you do it?'- live alone! (This is great as a response to most things, the other one being 'I don't do chores')
So, after reading all Patricia Cornwell's, and having the beejesus scared out of me by Val McDermid, my friend's recommended this author, and , oh, we have the whole series, do you want to borrow them? Great, I thought, I should finish them in a year- 2 months later I have 2 to go, the top 2.

I was pre-warned how scary and sick these are. Unfortunately, my prior reading has obviously pre-conditioned me, and these are more like rom-com with a touch of thriller (do you like my made up word? Or did someone beat me to it? It's romantic-comedy!) So enjoyable, though, that's why the little corner of Xmas books you can see on the left haven't been touched.

Head over here to see what else people are reading, I wonder if anyone else likes their thrillers really gory like me!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally Friday

Another warm one here in Melb, so inside pottering about. Murray had his visit to the groomers yesterday, the little pricklebum, and he has come back cutie-patootie! They actually left more fur than I though they would! He seems a bit happier, anyway.

In my trekking yesterday, I found this shop that was pretty much selling everything up to 90% off! I was on my way to get some fabric to make a dress to wear to a wedding on Monday night (wow, that was a long sentence!) when I came across this.....$200 reduced to $19! I would have already failed an Ethical Pledge, I had to have it and I love it! Now to sort out shoes....
I booked my babysitter last night, which was a big treat for the girl as she got to stay up late, and as my treat went to Perle 8's. Andi, Cindy and I chatted away, and Andi helped me come up with the backing for my quilt. It looks great, is a bit big but all together it is exactly how I wanted it. Thanks Andi!

Handmade goodies everywhere lately, here is Little Miss's effort from last week, a little giraffe from a kit I bought her for her birthday. This is the stuffing, adding it's heart and making wished stage.....awwww!

Speaking of awwww, check out Betty Jo and Lark for the latest tip- hot off the is the new owl.

Image from Linoforest

You heard it here third!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

By the look in your eys, I can tell your'e gonna cry....

Earlier this year...or no, it was actually last last year, (der!) there was a My Place and Yours I loved reading, but didn't participate in. I thought about what it would be, my clothes, my sewing machine, my couch etc, but couldn't really decide. But as Paul Young is my favourite singer EVER I have been humming along to this song for many many years- and now it has hit me.
2 days ago we got our Notice to Vacate- after 5 and 3/4 yrs, my landlord wants to move in and my little Miss and I are on the house hunt trail. Wow. Shock. Anger. Fear. What wasn't I thinking? My first thought was devastation- I had an amazing pair of friends 2 houses away I don't think I can live without; I can walk into IGA with no bra on and messy hair and not feel like any one's looking at me; this is my home! Where I breastfed my little girl and she learned to walk; where she ate cat poo and we got a cat and dog (in that order, too!); where there have been 6 birthdays; 6 Christmases; where I threw her fathers clothes on the front lawn and told him to never come back (he believed me the 3rd time!); where I studied and gained my third university piece of paper; where my love of sewing came out. And that's just me! Imagine a 6yrs old reaction.....
But isn't it funny how things turn out. In reassuring my girl we would be fine ("I am not living anywhere with a landlord AGAIN!!!) I told her "I don't care where I live, I'd live in a stinky toilet as long as I'm with you" (which didn't get the expected giggle until much later) I realised I was actually telling the truth- the crazy girl is all I need, and as long there is a roof over our head, we'll be fine.
This is what has made me contemplate moving quite a few suburbs away, wheras I thought I could never leave Yarraville; a whole new area to explore; a new house to make homey; new people to meet; new take-a-away places to try; new ops shops to find; my positivity astounds me. My successful battle with drinking has left my head clear and my mind ready to open a new chapter, a fresh start and see what happens.
Does anyone have any boxes?

Monday, January 18, 2010


There was a strange wind about today, no, not wind of that kind, the weather!! Cold, rainy, snow in Vic, are we in winter and I wasn't told? I'm sure dressed like ti is!
I looked out the study window this morning to see this- hmm, Julius Caesar? No, a dog who has been rolling in the garden and is COVERED in seed pods of some kind (?wandering dew). I pulled one out and successfully scared him away for the rest of the day, so he is booked in to have the CUT OUT of his fur- he is likely to come home bald! I'll keep you updated with a pic on that one.

So I was already a bit grumpy about that, but then add a bored kid on top of it. I cheered her up a bit by showing her her finished lunch bag. Fabric from Amitie, pattern from here with my tweaking.

It now holds the lunch containers, with extra room for fruit. I quilted the flap and front and back, and used the insulated batting and clear vinyl inside, so I can pop an icepack in to keep stuff cold. It got the thumbs up, anyway, and the more I make, the easier they get (helps if there's no PMS too.)

We moved the desk into her room today too- a big Grade 1 girl might get homework! (and I have the loungeroom back, yay). I made some little baskets to put the Smiggle stuff etc in.

Now to sort it all out!!

PS Have finally added photos to my Flickr account! No just let me work out how to add a button.....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A bit of sewing

Little Miss was whisked away yesterday morning for a sleepover at the beach (Mornington Peninsula), lucky thing. As a thank you I made the brave woman having my child and her friend a chookstop- she loves chickens, and I later found out her kitchen has a blue theme! So it can be used everywhere, really. It could also be a heat bag, it has a combination of rice and an old heat bag's innards, which I've recycled as I don't like the fabric on the heat bag anymore.

While the child was away, mummy will play- at Nonna's house again. This time it was take it all, the leftovers were off to the tip! I was pretty restrained, bringing home a lot of dust, seeing as this was the fabric pile when I walked in....

I brought home the roll of paper she used for patterns (and great for cut and paste, drawing or patterns!); about 6 half rolls of light grey interfacing; and the 2 plastic tubs I filled with fabric and the like.

These cottons are probably never going to be used by me, I got so many last time, so am offering them up to whoever wants them (minus over locker cotton, I'll keep those ones, sorry!)

and I scored some great patterns, of course, being the pattern slut I am. Have to shift some on, probably all my baby ones I don't use so I can keep collecting vintage dresses etc.

There is still the Yamato overlocker and Consew industrial machine they are umming and ahhing over; I found the manuals online last night, and now I am umming and ahhing over them!
Off to sew before pick up time. Oh, watched this last night, great flick, and filmed in the good old western suburbs!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock and roll

This song has been in my head all day- from what is probably the worst movie of all time. Hey, I might lose fans by saying it, but come on, it's true!!
Anyway, despite not knowing all the words, I hummed along as I took the Little Miss (still wearing my top, happy mummy) to Richmond yesterday. The concentration.....

and the cheeky brat poses after nearly whippin' my ass! A draw, 88 all, embarrassing! I have a strict "no letting the kid win" rule for all games, mainly because I hate losing, but so far this week I haven't won a hand of Uno, Go Fish is becoming my LEAST favourite game, and bowling may become an annual event. Too much breast milk is my excuse!! (said very tongue-in-cheek)

So, as punishment (which didn't really work, she likes it as much as me) we rode the silver escalator to Ikea. As well as candles, I picked some amazing fabrics....
this one (already nabbed by child as a bag)

This gorgeous one that I split with Cam

and this one, all for me me me! Yum.

The other reason I went, was to help improve the lounge room. This op shop couch is an Ikea one, and I like the soft squishy cushions, so

I bought some extra inserts for $8.99 each, and made covers from the stash! A fourth is waiting to be made up, ran out of time)

If anyone finds a huge lace tablecloth a la the red one, I'm happy to buy it off you, the pink and yellow aren't doing it for me! I need to coordinate....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Like the rest of Melbourne, we have been just surviving the heat...last night was particularly hot, had a cockroach run over me, must have been desperate for a drink and my sweaty body fit the bill- erk! I can't get enough of my cute cat- she just flops anywhere, usually UNDER the fan, which doesn't really make sense to me.

The dog has been liking his doggy icy poles (frozen bones) and they both like ice cubes in there water, so I'm like an ice factory at the moment.
I found Little Miss like this before I went to bed last night- wet tea towel on her back, curled up because she was cold! Fan was going, too. At least she slept (grr).....

and to beat the heat, or at least distract myself, I've been sewing. I finished this top, that was also over here.
Hmm, honeycomb seersucker, think it was from an oppy, good choice I thought. Snapped before the hair brushing and during breakfast!

I've also made another one of these, for a fellow blogger. I'm much happier with this version- I used batting, better interfacing, red chenille lining....mmm, it's pretty nice. Just send me your address, Gina, and it's yours! Just because.....

Today is all about freezing our buts off in air con- ten pin bowling then a shopping centre, I think. Ice cream for sure!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Op Shopping with the best- Part 2

After last night's disaster, I watched a few eps of True Blood, knitted and slept it off- to emerge and finish this off in my nightie! Thanks for all the positive comments, too. I'm still fiddling, this one is a leeetle bit too big, but better. Having trouble finding laminated cotton (the oilcloth gives a nasty smell) but I got a good tip from Jenny and decided to go with clear vinyl. In the girl's choice of fabric- in the machine as we speak.

Then I remembered to show you a bit more of the goodies I got with Cam the other day. Can I mention this was one of the cheapest op shopping outings, as I had been expecting to pay for the holiday program for the month that morning, to find it had been taken out in December- so all this was free really (think about it :))
Artex- ahh, the 70's craft, my mum had the set and I remember it being thrown out. These may end up laminated as place mats or something, or in frames- so cute!
I almost yelled out- 'the larger size racks have the most fabric' in the middle of the Brotherhood of St Laurence, thank God manners took over, I do occasionally suffer from foot and mouth though. But here is the proof- a 'housecoat' maybe? Beautiful Poppy fabric, handmade, a skirt in there I think.

and the jeans haul. Did I tell you they were $2 each? Found some Bettina Liano's, but size 27...damn, that was me once. Lots of pockets in this pile....

but I really only needed this one pair. Check. It. Out. (tragic)

They are a size 38 waist, so I'm assuming men's. I'm thinking tragic men who wear the waistband around their thighs. Up close, I don't even think the pockets are what I want, but maybe a funny photo for when I need cheering up- I'll see if Little Miss and I fit in a leg each!! But think about the amount of denim I got form just one pair of jeans for $2...hehehehehehe

So it's off to cut out pockets, and plan some more items.....hoping to be at Daylesford market soon. And getting my shop stocked...and selling something from my shop.....
by the way, I am not as angry at the lunchbag pattern now, and will be making some to sell...not for $200. I'll keep you posted.