Thursday, April 30, 2009


Boy, it is REALLY hard to photograph these pants and try to look flattering, and not wanting to completely rip off Selina's pic, I opted for no cat in mine haha. (She is on my bed on the green chenille bedspread)
I have worn them for about 10 mins now, and wonder how I ever lived without them, really. I can imagine some skanky pants that won't make it to the washing machine until I make a 2nd pair!
I have a co-ordinating pink check that I have cut for a robe to match, mmm, chenille

My Creative Space

Being thrown into winter early has given me a wiggle on to make some warm stuff. hence my space this week has my chenille lounge pants cut out, my overlocker and 2 broken needlse from the said chenille. And proudly sitting on top of the chenille- my 1st 'beccasauras' name tags!

Head over here to see more spaces, thanks to Kirsty!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm cold!

I have done the unthinkable. This egg has been hanging around since Easter (sooo long ago) and appeared in front of me at the wrong time. There is a guilt associated with eating your child's Easter egg, but she did offer it to me on Easter Sunday when she realised the Easter Bunny had forgotten me, so I am just taking her up on that now.

Plus I needed something sweet to have with the hot peppermint tea I have been guzzling due to the fact Tasmania has moved to Melbourne and given us their weather!
Too cold, too soon, not prepared!
I did find a new winter coat today, though, at Salvos....

I think I like it belted at the front, but it seems to be meant to go at the back. It fits beautifully, I paid $20 and I love it! Poor green coat may not get its lining repaired after all.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My camera...where are you?

I hope I have lost it in the house, I can't remember where else I took it. Not even sure where I've looked right now. But don't despair, today's read found a few things I wanted to share.
Like this great idea. I've signed up and now have to come up with ideas- eek!
As my quilt in progress is by this designer, I love her new range. So cheery in this weather (it's really winter yet, is it? Please lead me astray and say no!).
And this shot- it actually reminds me of someone....hmmm.... thinking movie, Johnny Depp., squid head guy...such a close resemblance, don't you think? Mmm, Johnny Depp.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ooh, today was a goodie, how could it not be when I had this gorgeous boy all to myself?

While he napped, I made a new bib- reversible if the backing fabric wasn't so LOUD! (Very Mardi Gras).

I gave him a haircut as well, yeah, right he doesn't sit still at the hairdressers, because he doesn't have a funny white dog to watch at the same time, or feed biscuits too! Or sewing scissors coming at him....joke!

He then happily pulled out the pins while sitting on my lap and we sewed these three together.

*Sigh* Anyone want to trade an 18mth for a 5yr old??

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Too cute

This post is about the new cute things in the house.

My big ironing board, which I got because it was SO BIG as annoying me as it is always up, so it has a baby brother to play with- cute, huh? A little one for little sewing.

These little legs have grown- into cute new jeans and uggies.

Sign of a good thing, when you take it to bed. Cute!

A night out

But a bit of sewing first. I have passed the hurdle of the tricky piecing, I know there is more coming up, but I'd like to enjoy this moment for a while haha. Excuse the clothes airer photo, but it's blowing a gale outside and I wouldn't want to see this as a kite! This already seems huge to me, so my worry about it being too small (pattern in mag says king single) shouldn't be a problem. I think I'll be fighting the cat for it, for sure!

So, having babysitting and the need to get out of the house after dark like in the olden days ie before child, I headed into the city, and by stumbled into this pub and on a whim saw this show. Funny as, the best being these guys. Of course, now I want to see more, but as I never usually go at all, seeing one thing in the whole month the festival is on is a highlight.

I have the same dilemma as Betty Jo, except mine is in my study, and losing prescriptions has me staring down the barrel of gutting the room and starting from scratch. Ugh. When all I want to do is sew!!

Also, this sassy gal is having a giveaway, head over to check. it. out.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Nearly a disaster

I ran out of batteries AGAIN for my camera, and realised that the rechargeable may be the way to go. SO I have this nifty little unit, and hopefully it will keep me camera happy for '1000 times'.

Post whinge yesterday, I thought I'd show what I did manage to get at the expensive oppy, it was $6 but I only had $5.50, and I still got it (I couldn't put that on the whingy post, could I?). It's got old business cards etc inside, no money, but still treasure.

A bit of fabric (remember she who dies with the most fabric wins). A remnant for $2 fro craft, tops etc

and some printed cotton Lycra, that I can't find at Spotty, went online and shazam! In the mailbox a day later. Little Miss seems to like them, I like them more! This one....

and this one. So leggings I will like to look at.

Now what to make out of the plain stuff.

My Creative Space

Ok, so a day late, but my next post will tell you why! This is what I have been working on all week, and continue to be obsessed about. The wool was roginally going to be a little jumper, but this pattern looked interesting, and came in both graph and number form. I never knew I was so good at counting!

Pattern is this, and this is the best shop, by the way. A beautiful lady is there on Fridays to help with your knitting, if your a beginner like me!
Thanks Kirsty for hosting, pop over here to see more spaces.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Having a whinge

You know what gets me a little mad?
A charity op shop asking for $8 for a stinky old t shirt.
You know who you are! There was one in Sth Melbourne today and my local one in Yarraville is doing it too. My local one also sells 'new' items ie made in China sort of cheap stuff, not what an op shop does, that's not recycling! We don't need more crappy garments, that will then be donated back and you will charge twice the original price. The Sth Melb one says on the tag that "your purchase helps people in need"- der, people in need usually shop there too! A lot of people bag Salvo's and Savers for charging more because they pay people to work there, I will gladly pay a bit more to help out people who need a job and have no other skills and get off their butt and work, but charging heaps to get people in wealthier areas to pay more is a scam, as far as I'm concerned.
Just wanted to get that off my chest.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easy like a Sunday....

I've employed a button sorter, she works for chewing gum and often leaves the job half finished, but we are getting on ok.

I dropped into Spotlight to get some cotton/lycra for leggings, got some spotty stretch remnant, a cotton seersucker remnant (that is screaming out BAG to me), and a few buckles reduced. Oh, and the green magnet pin cushion, to go with the pink one! I LURVE these things, so cheap ($2.99 as opposed to the Clover $13) and great at finding strays on the floor (before the vacuum finds them).

I unpicked a cardigan AGAIN and started this pram cover, nice green and just what I feel like at the moment, over my fabric frenzy and either want to sew or knit, not sort and decide.

Mmm, comfort food, who would have thought cauliflower could taste good, with carrot, pasta and a white sauce.

Hope you had a relaxing, indulgent Sunday too!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I wanted jars

so I got jars! I was inspired by this clever girl to display my buttons, so I thought I'd try and find a few.... as you can see, a few were found! I didn't actually intend to get them so big, but you can't be choosy at an op shop. The tall Fowlers' ones don't have lids, but I have a plan for them....

Little Miss and I hit the Sisters' Market as planned and bumped into these lovely girls, a great morning. Also saw Fii and Justine (Happy Birthday!!) and families, kids everywhere!
Got a bit of shopping in, some beautiful earrings I couldn't get a good pic of at this time of night, the white elephants (meeting their new friends on Little Miss's bookshelf), and this pattern.

But all this will wait while I have my usual Saturday night!

Stop- Hama time!

We have a new craft hobby in the house, the Hama beads. Actually, a generic brand, but that is what they are known as. Beados are still OK, but she discovered these at vacation care during the school hols (2 more days till back to school!). I get to help with this one, I have to do the ironing part. Good things the board and iron are always on the ready in this house.

Speaking of school hols, I have actually enjoyed the break of racing into school by the seat of our pants, and endless school lunch discussions in the morning. I had a devastated child when vacation care ended, I hadn't booked her in for the last day and there was a party, karaoke, food etc, a few crying episodes and promises of a full week next hols. So back to school and back to getting up early etc for me!
I have a new toy this week, after downsizing my plan, I still got the latest phone FOR FREE! Never mind the 2yr contract- that'll fly by, the last one sure did! I'm calling it my fake iPhone, very different and I need a few more days of instructions to get the full usage, I think!

Going to the Sisters' market and a garage sale this morning, and a few oppys on the way home. Bliss.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Creative Space

I knew this table would get good use, and it does. It was found at Savers,
and is Little Miss's breakfast tray...when she can get to it.
The last few nights have been a few yoyo's in front of tv- 7am starts are a killer for late night sewing. One ER episode on dvd and a yoyo, look at that, bedtime!

Head over here to check out more.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm adding Little Miss (Fashionplate) in for this WWW, started over at this chickybabe's blog.

I made this for the little chick on Monday night, and she promptly wore it to vacation care Tues...and Wednesday! It looked much better over jeans, but today was a tracky pant day, and boy, a 5 yr old can get away with it, so let them! Pattern is New Look 6822. Yo Yo's my own design (haha).
More stuff at DearFii

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cute shoes

After making the little boy tee today for my friend, I had to try out this pattern, from here. They were pretty easy, despite having someone over my shoulder saying "they don't look like shoes!" every five minutes.

I don't think they'll fit for a little while, maybe about when the t shirt does? Love these fabrics!

A bit of creating

I was inspired last night to interrupt my 3 or 4 projects on the go to finish another one, by this post. If only I had so many beautiful pieces of chenille! I've been meaning to fix up my old cushions for ages, this being a shot of some old ones I had made and did a dodgy job finishing them off....they never stayed shut!

So I got out some zips, and my purple chenille bedspread cutter, and made these up. Purposely matching the wall hanging, of course, never mind about the doona! I should of changed it to white, but nah, nothing too fancy here. Made a bit small, so they are nice and puffy.

I learnt how to change an over locker needle too- ouch!

Finished a little boy tee today, a bit scared as I am still Vliesofix-less, but I did OK I think. I used up the last scraps Of my Kokka astronaut print.

I needed something to keep the t-shirt part from puckering, and ironed on some interfacing onto the back. Now I think I know what that stabiliser stuff in machine embroidery is!

By the way, I finished this book recently, which I picked up in my op shop frenzy.
It's fantastic, I can't wait to get the other books by her now. I really want to see the movie, but may be disappointed- anyone done both?
Addit: as the Easter Bunny igonored me (again!) and I didn't want to take any of my little one's stash, the brownies are all gone......

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Got this recipe from Corrie, and have to say, amazing! The Easter Bunny came early for me, hope this lasts till tomorrow! Had to have it over ice cream, was too sweet. Or maybe I ate too much at once, I don't know!

Somehow I don't think Little Miss will let me melt down her stash when she gets it to make more.

A quiet weekend

Not going anywhere, everyone gone away or busy with family stuff, Little Miss and are are hanging out, successfully so far, but it's only day 2. Yesterday was a lazy one where we both had a mid morning nap, allowing a special 'movie night' last night. That was a ruse by me to get the nap in, and she loved sitting up late and watching Shrek 2.
After she went to bed, I had MY movie on, and did some template hunting. Loving my patchwork books right now! Gave this to a friend this morning for her little one, while I hopped off and helped the Easter Bunny get some eggs, and she watched Little Miss Sitcky Beak for me!

Have plenty more to do, and have run out of Vliesofix! Owls and flowers for the girls, looking for some boy ones now.

Making a big pot of chicken soup- this is my only 'big' saucepan, and I have a ridiculously small amount of soup in it. But for $5 a few year ago, I'm glad it never became a tie-dying vessel!

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things I'm playing with

Here are a few newbies I have discovered, some old, but I wanted to show them off.
My Statewide sewing centre had these, never seen them before, but boy, what a great tool! It's designed for hoodies etc, but I managed to put elastic around a pair of Holly Hobbie baby bloomers (in store with matching top soon) with ease. No more grabbing the blasted safety pin!
I found this, which will save me many trips out at the last minute. It is 3.5mm wide. not the usual size for little girls skirts etc, but I have it handy if anyone runs out haha

These little packs were made up at Savers the other day, I thought of the Handmade Help and re-stash a crafter. They are little packs like a sewing kit, I am actually thinking of making a pouch and keeping it for 'emergencies' in the glove box (I don't have a first aid kit, but hey, a sewing kit is first aid isn't it? I could do stitches....)

Coupla patterns- great for my pinnie phase

Oh, and can someone please come and do my dishes for me? I've been sewing.....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Have a bee in my bonnet right now....well, actually the opposite, I've been in a funk for about a week now, it is driving me nuts! But I have found relief- in Pinnies! After the great response to Little Miss's dress (got lots of comments on our trek to the city yesterday) I decided to make some to re-launch my Etsy shop. These are tops, though, in sizes 4 and 5. I think I will do one, and then the size can be ordered, what do you think? My over locker is a dream, and even bias binding the arm and neck holes takes no time, I'm loving these right now! Great over tees and pants for winter!! (Don't wait order know, my 2 Hollie Hobbie prints may run out).

Also, as I sat sewing I heard the distinctive sound of a parcel delivery- the doorbell rang then the gate shut 2 secs later, a drop and run. How come then do I sometimes need to take the card to the post office? Always a puzzle.

Anyhoo, I won this one Ebay- I thought it was Enid, but no, but still a good time to be had!

This little boys has a cup of Horlicks! And a toothbrush in his pocket!

And the boilersuits are 'too cool for school'. Lots of practical items as well, though, not just all eye candy haha.

Lyn, the seller, is awesome, look what she sent along with my win. She said to pass them on if I didn't want them. She so doesn't know me! The CWA one looks a treasure!

School holidays are upon us, so far so good for me. A few days in vacation care, a few outings planned, and still a nice early bedtime- sweeet! Ask me in a week or so though!