Monday, March 30, 2009


I found these last night when I pulled out the box with my quilt pieces in it. I got them months ago at Threadbear in Castlemaine, not sure what I'd do with them, but loving them anyway. Have a project in mind, but have to finish my own quilt first!

And here is tonight's work. There are 8 of the big diamonds to attach together, after joining all the little f*&^%$s, and unpicking and restitching so the points are all perfect. My back hurts!! Luckily all the little pieces were cut out already, ie 2 yrs ago, so a bit was done. Unfortunately the pink and white stripe were nowhere near the shape needed, so I had to redo them.

It will look pretty impressive as the Prairie Star alone, bit scared about putting the squares in the corners! Hopefully I'll be doing that at Perle 8's Thursday night, people around who may be able to help me. Don't know what it is about me and patterns, I never go for easy, only advanced!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Next one

I am finally getting into something for me, for a change. I started this 2 yrs ago, and boxed it up until I was ready. Now I have to remember where I was up to haha. I am using the pattern from a Patchwork and Stitching magazine, as the book one is slightly different, and I don't want to run short on fabric. Also, a little pic of my grandma and her great-granddaughter aka Little Miss Looking Confused (haha). Curlypops used some of this fabric in an apron, that was her mum's curtains- how funny! I still have some pieces to applique on things, it reminds me of my little girl. Cute, huh? It's funny when fabric does that to you, like a perfume or colour. My grandma and White Linen perfume go hand in hand.

I probably still have it somewhere.....


My quilt and I will be parting ways soon, boo hoo! Well, no, Hugo deserves it for being so special, I will get to visit it, I guess. At this moment it is the washing machine, fingers crossed it comes out still together! I sat up late last night (it wasn't a chore, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom kept me going) and did my best corners, and quickest hand binding. I ended up cutting it on the straight grain, and maing the back a bigger, so the binding is filled with quilt. I didn't want to loose to much yummy fabric on the front in the binding!

Here's another shot of my corner, and the bit I don't like- the knots on the back. Next time I am going to try and knot them between the layers. Sounds easier said than done, but hey, just another thing I can teach myself haha.
had a busy day starting by going for another big walk at the 'doggy' park. Murray made heaps of friends, and played in and out of the creek again, making the bath yesterday afternoon a complete waste of time. I have one ready for this afternoon, but he's on to me, and I can catch him! Cheeky boy. And such a poser!

He has a playdate next Saturday morning with the same bunch of dogs at the same park, should I even bother bathing him tonight?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A great Saturday

A beautiful sunny day today, I envisioned being out for the morning, but it lasted much longer! We started at the Made In Thornbury market, where I caught up with many other bloggers, and little Miss had the time of her life! A big craft table and some undivided attention to help her, while I went wandering and chatting.

On the way home we bought her 2nd pair of school shoes in 2 mths ( I hope I lose count soon haha) from the fab Pacific Brands outlet in Brunswick, don't close this one down, pleeeese! Aren't they great? And she wanted to put them on in the car, I didn't tell her too!

Of course, couldn't pass the Salvos! Preston was open, Vinnies shutting 1 min before we got there, grrr. A beautiful handmade crochet blanket, all blue, is in the window, I would have snatched it up! But Salvos is consistent with good product (and a toilet!! Yay). Here is a doona cover, er, um, fabric I mean.

More sheeting, er, fabric.

and a cute t- shirt I will use for Little Miss.

Got a dress for me too, and a few bits and pieces. I'm loving the challenge I have set myself, I had no desire to stop in at Savers Brunswick (and the boss in the back seat yelled (NO MORE! when I suggested it).
We even squeezed in a walk at out local off lead park, and Murray scored a bath- what a great Saturday had by all.

Op Shop Frenzy

I started this post last night, but got distracted and decided to start again. I have had SUCH good finds, I am going to bore everyone with extra photos this time (after just learning I can post more than 5 at a time- oops!).

A quick suburb guide. Thursday saw me at Abbotsford Salvo's (very quick look as I need to find the loo, and they told me Hoddle St was the closest!), Richmond Salvo's and Nth Melbourne (just opened! On Errol St). Then Friday was Altona Salvo's, then Hoppers Crossing, which I can't believe is in the cul de sac next to the Vinnies, and I've never seen it. I have decided to only hit Salvo's at the moment, the quality off their stuff is better, even if their prices are a bit higher- oh, well, you get what you pay for, I suppose!

Altona gave me a great set of books. I love Jodi Picoult, and nearly have all of hers now.

Ted Baker shorts

Wrap dress

Three vests, which I wear over a top or shirt to work. The beige one is brand new (Dotti) brand, the green Cue knitwear!

Jigsaw brand silk and angora sweater

More tees for embellishing and selling (eventually!)

Patterns, and the friendship bracelet pack! It originally have threads, but the book has the patterns, which Little Miss and I like. I used to make them at school, and have started making them for her now. Hoppers Xing had the biggest stash of patterns and magazines, awesome!

Books and puzzles, and Little Misses favourite, a stencil book. She's right into them at the moment, hours of entertainment. Remember The Munch Bunch? I do, they are really cool!

A gorgeous cot sheet, $5, right up my alley with the boys quilts happening at the moment.

Two single flat sheets, $5 each. Are they crazy? They are worth less than a cot sheet? Not to the vintage connoisseur! Aren't they amazing? What to make first!! (Probably something for Little Miss Holly Hobbie)

There are more clothes shots, I'll give you a break for now!! I'm off to the market this morning, maybe hitting some on the way home ;).

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Creative Space

I'm playing along again this week, showing you my current to do project.
Little Miss has decided she doesn't like people seeing her underpants (thank God!) but now won't wear her school dresses. Thankfully she has the option of shorts, hence the making of these cargo style shorts.

I have already made one pair that went berserk in the washing machine, all pills and fluffiness, so 2 new pairs in drill are in the making.
See who else is playing over here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm so brave

Never ler the little ones survive, they leave and return like this!!



I'm playing along this week with Fi, for Watcha Wearing Wednesday.

I woke this morning to the sound of rain, and it continued for wuite a while. These slippers are getting on, and one has a hole, but I like them- considering my daggy brown carpet I walk around on!!

To see who else is playing, head over here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lookin' Good

Well, I have Christie to thank for my new buttons on my sidebar, I finally worked out how to do them, and she sent me the codes. Glad my brain freeze was only temporary!
I am posting something unusual today- this container. I was washing it up and I thought, ha, everyone would have laughed at me when I got this (if I had of told them) as I wasn't too sure what it was for. However, Tupperware and Savers and I have a good connection, and my $1.99 was given for my new orange thing-ey. Even the check out man asked me what it was, and I had to say 'I'm not sure, but I'll find a use for it".

Lo and behold-
Bread roll lunch box! Ta- Da! No squishing it flat to go in a square lunch box, or have it get squished in the bag, it has it's own widdle I even suspect it would hold bagels.

This bread roll is in plastic, yes, I know, not good for the environment, but I am putting them in the freezer to last a bit longer, as we alternate bread with wraps with rolls, and I didn't want it getting frost bite!
Does anyone else have any weird containers or items that they got laughed at, only to have a really good use? I'd love to see them so I don't feel so alone!

Hand quilting

Hmm, not too sure about this whole hand quilting thing. Ouch! Sore fingertips aside, I like the rocket and starts, I got the outline from the 3rd issue of Sew Hip, my new monthly treat.
As I haven't done this, and don't have anyone at home to ask, I have been using a hoop, which is a task in itself to get on, and experimenting with needles. I got some quilting needles, but long ones, as the little ones had THE smallest holes ever, I thought I'd never get them threaded with the Perle thread. So far so good!

I like that I need to sit down in front of the TV for this job haha.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great article

Here's a good read first thing on a Sunday morning- for those of us who don't read the old fashioned papers!!
I do like my coffee while I read though, when I get my lap top I'll sit in a cafe and read online!! Save the trees haha.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Waiting for.....

my fridge!!
I have spent some of my hard earned cash-o-la on a new fridge, pictured here beside the old one. It is a bit smaller, (which means the things I put on top are withing arms reach for a change) and hopefully it will be cheaper to run as it has SEALS! And the shelves are plastic, no wire grilles for things to fall through. Unfortunately I had a spack-attack as they decided I would get it between 12pm and 2pm. Of course I had lunch plans. I won't repeat my phone call to the shop, lets just say I have it.
The next question I ask myself is how do I get the old one out the back door, and down 2 steps).

Of course there is a no sticker and no fridge magnet rule, we'll see how long that lasts!
Here are the useless bits that come with all fridges now- a- days. What do you do with them when you don't want them? I have great ice cube trays, didn't want new ones, but they arrived. And egg things take up a whole shelf.
Another I noticed is I can't thread the tea towel through the door handle. And I just got one of those cool ones at the oppy with the crocheted top and button FOR EXACTLY THAT PURPOSE! Damn. Have to think of something else.

I am at one with the over locker! My free lesson was all about threading. Apparently once you have done that, you have full control haha. I have to admit it's true, though. Now I have the threading down, I am FINALLY running up my tote/shopping bags, in the funky retro sheet colour.

A bit of quilting is happening too, I am hoping there is something good on tv later, so I can sit and sew rockets and stars. I have fallen in lurve with this quilt, the simplicity and the fabrics, of course! I have backed it in vintage blue chenille, which shows the red Perle thread OK. It is probably a bit naff to use a hoop, but as a newbie to the whole hand quilting thing, I don't want puckering!

And some oppy purchases the other. 2 great bowls, and 2 more Tupperware retro bowls. These are GREAT for tea bags, and I have mainly orange and yellow and an assortment n my pantry. Pity they are going up in price, $5 each! (haha).

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Creative Space

I'm playing along again this week, pretending Friday is Thursday haha
After all the inspiration at the Show, I need to knuckle down and do some sewing! My quilt top is done (all bar the ironing) and I think I will race off to get the batting soon, so I can start handquilting! Haven't done it before, a bit excited!
See who else has a groovy space at Kirsty's.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boy oh boy oh boy

Some weeks, I feel like this.
This has been one of them. I bustle off to work on Tuesday morning, and feel like I don't stop until Thursday, after school drop off. After years and years where I thought "how could you work less than 3 jobs for 6 days a week, and not go to uni at the same time?" I now have trouble keeping up with 2! Days that is, haven't even started the 2nd job yet!!
Last night Little Miss Know It All decided to exert her Independence and not go to sleep until 8.30, which meant lots of coming out, making up excuses, me getting cranky, until I fell, exhausted, into bed at 9.30! A rarity for me, I like to get every last minute out of the day, and then catch up with a Nanna nap the next day haha.
Anyway, single parenthood is never as glamorous as it sounds, yes, you get to make all the decisions, and we ALL love that, but then there is no one to pass the buck too! I try and use Murray and Ace (the pets) but it always fails miserably. And lately, the cat has taken to eating cockroaches in bed with me, I am waking up to the odd leg left on the sheet- ewww! Maybe a man stealing the doona and farting in bed isn't so bad? As my daughter said this morning "Maybe she ate so many she couldn't fit that last leg in!" The thought is actually terrifying me at the moment.
Hence my creative outlet. I have bitten the bullet and started cutting up my beautiful fabric, it was hard though. I have a few pieces from my stash to add, a yellow and maybe a green, what fun!

I have started cutting up this frock too, it actually would have fit me, but I liked the fabric too much. It's difficult, but I think I'll unpick the smocking to use the fabric, I'll see how we go.

Off to Perle 8's tomorrow night, woohoo, a catch up with the show girls.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The show (again)

Ahh, the staple for any show or market- the corn cob! And at $5, was definitely savoured and enjoyed by 2 people (I love the cry- "Mum, you finish it!").

As we were driving back to the Stitches and Craft Show today, Little Miss "I'm a big girl" in the back asked when she would get her own blog. She has learnt this week that 'www' means a website- I am constantly being told things have a website now, whenever she sees the "www". So I said until she can read and type, she can share my blog, and therefore the next 2 photos are dedicated to her (as if I wouldn't have shown them anyway!)

A new craft- sand art. She wasn't happy about it being taken home, wanting to do it at the show, but a stern talking to has seen her very happy with my decision, and she has finished this one off tonight. Not much mess, no, don't worry, I was vacuuming anyway!

We also bought this little beading kit ($5) to make bracelets etc. My beads are all a bit small, I thought this was more 5 yr old size. Or maybe I'll make them for me!

For little Hugo, a quilt of VERY divine fabrics, and very expensive for me- I so rarely buy new and special quilting fabrics, this was quite a treat. I have already decided where the scraps will go!

The delightful girls at these stores helped me out, they were definitely my cup of tea, and a brilliant addition to me sewing room (for a short while!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

You can teach an old dog.....

Hmm, maybe not the most flattering of headlines, but I feels so inspired, if I had a hill to run down singing, I would. And I'm only half done!

I spent a few hrs at the show today, where there is a whole section for blogger craft, plus all the usual stamping, beading, embroidery, knitting...just about anything a crafty sewey type like me could want. I did a few rows, had a few chats, and then a few more chats (!) and had a browse at about half the stalls- look what I got when I subscribed to Homespun....

4 bias binding makers, fusible tape, and 2 back issues.

An the new trick I learnt- rubber stamps. Holly of Two Cheese Please shared this with us, and I now one the tool, some rubber bits and a new hobby! Little Miss liked the chicken stamp, I told her to find me some pics and I'll make her some (so she doesn't cut her fingers off!)

I am returning with her in tow tomorrow, to do a kid sort of craft lab, and lots of looking. I dare say lots of treats to keep her quiet, too, but it'll be worth it, I hope.

Off to read my magazines and rest up.....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A crafty week

My rule of not starting any new projects has, of course, worked really well and I am not behind at all! So cutting and sewing and finishing these items in a couple of days has not made me neglect any other half finished items.
(Add sarcasm here)

But, you may agree, they are pretty cute, and this is the project I started at Perle 8's last week, so to have it done in a week is a huge achievement! They are actually for a little girl, in case you were wondering about the ruffles, and may take her a while to grow into them, but that's ok. The parents delivered my new washing machine without ever having met me, so I owe them a big THANK YOU!
I am off to the show tomorrow, have 2 classes I want to do and lots of browsing and chatting. I will stop and say hello to everyone who's up for a chat, especially fellow bloggers! I have read a few posts already about it, but as I haven't been to one in years, I am going in with an open mind and a bit of cash-ola to spend hee hee.

My creative space

I'm playing along again this week with Kirsty.
Yay, I have cleared off the table finally that was in some of my past posts, this is here for the photo so once I have read through them, they can be divvied up into a pile!
In this shot: O-rings and buckles from Nicole Mallalieu
Cross stitch patterns
Brand new books

The cross stitch patterns I picked up today from the oppy, $1 or so each. I now have a whole book of alphabets, great for embellishing or personalising a gift.
One of the buckles is already on my finished Mod bag, the others going to the next bag I make, a plain fabric one with a magnetic closure and one strap (I like to plan my projects ahead).
And the books? I joined a bookclub a year ago, and the deal was (as many of you may know) you agree to buy 4 books in the first year. What a score I got!! The Cath Kidston came with a free tote to embellish, and heaps of templates. A happy crafter today!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Playing along

I'm playing along with Pip this week with Words and Pictures.

I wasn't sure what I was going to write about, but I sat and had a good think and had a memory....

Of yucky yucky sandwiches. I hated them. Didn't really matter what was on them. I can't remember when it started, but I know my bad habit of skipping lunch started really early, and probably only ended when I could buy my own (uni days?).

Lunch orders at school were the awesomest treat, with a meat pie being right up there. I would always peel off the top layer of pastry, and spoon the meat out into my mouth, then roll up the bottom bit....mmmm, yum. And a Moove, usually strawberry.

High school had a canteen, and many lunches were binned and a finger bun and Paddle Pop did me just fine. I remember a competition with me best friend on who could eat the same thing for the longest time, and I survived on Vegemite sandwiches with white bread for EVER, but don't remember it finishing.

I remember year 12 in high school when we had our own 'room' to hang out in, so cool we were, and a sandwich toaster was the height of sophistication. Polish salami and cheese was the highlight of my day, toasted and very good.

The last 6 weeks of making a school lunch has had me petrified. What is she wastes all my hard efforts like I did to my parents? Not to mention the cost! What to put on it, what to put with it, how to present it.... all these questions and more.

My mind has been put at ease (sort of) with comments such as

"That was the best lunch I have ever had" (a chicken and avocado sandwich with mayo)

Empty containers!

"All the kids said I was bad" (after sneaking in a mini Mars Bar after getting a black eye the day before)

"I didn't have enough food, you need to send play lunch!!" (We had 2 meals at school, now they have 4! Can't keep up!)

"Don't ever give me Vegemite again!"

"Why can't I have a lunch order?"

Enough said! Read more here. Thanks Pip for the stroll down memory lane!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another weekend....

There always seems to be a race to the weekend, then it happens, it's uneventful, and back to the start again. I am feeling very relaxed, I should be, I am not madly getting ready for the show like many other bloggers! Good luck everyone, I think it will all be fabulous, I can't wait to pick up some new hobbies (that I really need haha).
Today started off with a breakfast treat- pancakes. And I pulled the non-diet recipe, with heaps of baking powder (for the thickness and puff), sugar, salt, butter, an egg, and topped with honey of course. Mmm, they also kick over for morning tea! And my new Tectonic Stanley Rogers pan is pretty great, a wipe clean and it's done!

I have made a big start/halfway through on my sewing room, putting everything in it's place, cleaning out a few drawers to put patterns in, it's getting there. I had to show this off that I picked up at the garage sale the other week, there are four blocks hand tacked onto wadding and backing, and a single block (which I've laid in the middle). Aren't they great? Not sure what to do with them yet, though.

Ahh, a blogger in the making. Little Miss and I have discovered kids games online (no, not casino ones or anything) mainly things to teach her cut and paste, stuff she is learning at school. It's taken over the TV, so I am happy! She got a bit chilly, so my cardie did the trick, so cute!

I finished 2 little newborn gowns, the pink one for a friend to give to her friend (sort of a commission, I guess) and the black one for my friend's little boy, born last Monday morning. I've had the tee for a while, it was brand new, and it's nice and soft.

We left the house to go visit him, here's the little man, himself. Welcome, Hugo!