Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oppy goodness

I felt like I hyadn't had any oppy goodness for a while, so head off this morning after school drop-off. I dropped in looking for sheets and found these....

They look a bit too shiny in the pic, this was the best out of many, they are actually flat leather, not patent. $12.99. Thankyouverymuch.
Some vintage Enid Blyton to add to my collection

And a brunch coat- that's what we used to call them, anyway. Huge and hideously orange...but reusable in smaller amounts.

Also a few items of wearable clothing and other kids books.
Happy days.

My Creative Space

I'm finalising things for my first market stall on Saturday, trying to do a few tees.
Come and say hi if your in the area, or purposely come to the area, it rocks! Newport is just down the road, they have a good market too.
Visit here to see some more spaces.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mamma Mia

These are the costumes I am helping out with for Little Miss's school concert next week. Next week, I hear you ask? Yes, next week, in between my first 2 markets ever, and work days, and TV nights....who says you can over commit?
There are 4 blue ones, and 3 gold ones- so I have to copy (no pattern, arghh!) one and make it a gold one- while I was there I figured I may as well replace the missing sequins and give them a wash too. They have been in the school costume box for a while. Then I start on the boys pants., Oh, well, the price we pay...

I also had to show off my remnant haul from Sth Melbourne Spotlight yesterday- STOP, don't run out of the house, there aren't any left. These are all from the Timeless Treasures range, or Antique Treasures, one of them. Plus a piece of stretch and some curtain stuff (ie bag stuff). This lot cost me $4. You read me right. $4.

I missed the Craft and Quilt Fair on the weekend, but have read good reports so far, so a bit bummed I missed it. I am looking out for this thief- wishing bad karma on them, that's for sure!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from a break....

We had a few days up in the Sunshine..... remember that, winter folk? Mooloolaba was very good to us, sun, Australia Zoo, Underwater World. We stayed at the Landmark Resort, with this amazing Day Spa..... okay, won't make you too envious!

I'm going to a market!! 2, that is, as a stallholder for a change. Yarraville Market is on this weekend, and next weekend is Thread Den's first market.

So off to organise, sew, panic, sew and organise....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eye Spy...something I should use

I'm a few days late, but that explains my week, really. Hay fever has hit and a few early nights happened, thinking it was the flu. But I'm back now (thanks, Xyzal!)
So here is my 'something I should use' item- my hard saved for item, the handy cam. So small, so great (well, a trip to Officeworks tonight has proven the size thing to be wrong, this is huge). So if I don't get good use out of, it will be 'old' soon, and I'll need to upgrade!!

The other reason I should use it more is the priceless video of my little one's milestones- too busy, take a photo, yada yada yada. Now we are off on a 4 day trip involving Australia Zoo, Bindi and the Crocoseum, I want to take the video camera- but lack of use has made me a novice, and now I have the manual to study the night before, so I can get good use, PLUS pics and video to look at in years to come. What if I miss something.....

More Eye Spy's over here.
Thanks, Cindy!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Ahh, nothing like a productive afternoon. Heater on, trackies and uggies, and a bit of sewing.
I've been thinking about doing something with the piece of curtain for a while, it cost me $2 at BSL. It looks like the May Gibbs characters in Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

I've also been lugging around for years these cross stitches I did back in my wild days. I cross stitched almost obsessively during my teens and early 20's, giving many away when babies were born, or just keeping them. These were counted cross stitch on linen, I think. (Technically, I create something vintage!)

They've now become cute little cushions for Little Miss bed- well, I could hardly sell them, could I? I like to think I create heirlooms!

The curtain piece was used as the backing, I boxed the corners on these cushions, too, which made them look nice and square.
Of course, we now have to read the book, starting tonight, hmm, hope the Banksia Men don't scare us!
oh, well, plenty of other characters to enjoy!

Sewing away....

I made a dress for my friend this week, as she was going to a 'pin-up' party. The pattern was suggested by the great girls at Thread Den, one they use at their classes. And it was super easy, even the boning, which I've never done before! It fit like a glove, just a bit of tweaking at the front to show some cleavage!

Whilst I was there her mum pulled this out of the shed for me to look at and see if I could teach her to thread it! I've downloaded the instructions, and ready to check it out! So cute!

I made this for a little friend turning 3, can't wait to see her in it. It's a vintage Simplicity pattern 5995, can't find one quickly on the net!

I started a different style of yo-yo. Not sure if I like it yet. And mine didn't turn out like the pic. Practice needed!

And my poor hand- one of a few burns I have from my new piece of equipment. On the to-do list are some oven mitts- for the ironing press! Occupational hazards- Holly has some of these too! I was definitely distracted, the TV was on, and it's pretty hard to burn yourself with an iron (well, I think it is, compared to the Singer press!)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Polka Dot Swap

I wanted to show what I made for the Polka Dot Swap.

It was great fun to be in, and i've never gotten things finished so quick!!

Read about it here.

Hope I'm in another swap soon!

Printable canvas

Been playing around with this stuff....

Murray purses, anyone?
(Email to order your own loved ones on canvas, ready to sew with or do as you please! P.O.A)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Creative Space

Hmm, randomness is always more interesting. Sorting through this pile and deciding what to finish off first is as well.

  • A 50's style black and white polka dot dress for my babysitter; to wear at a 'Pin-up' party Sat night
  • A red polka dot Day Bag to match/go with it
  • Pattern pieces for a dressing gown for Little Miss (possibly in chenille?)

Head over here to check out more; Thanks, Kirsty!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Eye Spy...a favourite party game

I'm joining in this week, finally, as I couldn't wait to put these photos in, then realised there wasn't a game in them! But maybe eating is a game?
I remember this party (?7 yr old)- the Mr Funny cake will long go down as my favourite. And I realised tonight I had matching paper plates and napkins! Looks like Mr Greedy to me.
I love this shot- standing around hoe-ing in! So many good things in this shot- the clothes, the wallpaper, containers for marshmallows etc, my brother's skinny legs and Stubbies. Memories.
Thanks Cindy for hosting this, head over here to read more.

ironing tragic

Don't walk into my house crumpled!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stop looking, I found it.

As some of my blogger friends may be aware, I have developed an addiction for ironing presses after doing Nikki's bag course. I've hunted high and low, watched some go for lots of Ebay, and finally resolved to never finding one in an op shop, with the standard 'we had a few in last week' reply wearing me down.
So when I saw this one outside the Salvos in Williamstown 2 weeks ago, I nearly fainted. I offered to buy it unchecked on the spot (they could have named their price!) but the good volunteer was firm, "No, it has to be electronically checked". Which apparently happens monthly and he'd just been. I wandered around the shop miserably, and she must have felt a bit sorry for me, so she suggested I out my name on it and they could ring me when it was done and ready for sale.
1 week later, I get the call- all checked, A-OK and $50. Let's just say a happy house that night.

I was in the country yesterday, Castlemaine to be exact, and I went into this cute little shop, where the specialise in reproduction prints. I got a few more for a quilt I've been wanting to make for a while. The ones on the right were from about a year ago, and the ones bundled up are from yesterday. I heard them mentioning their stand at the Craft and Quilt Fair, go by and check them, especially if you loved these prints too. I'm sure there will be a show special!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finishing things

Here is that jacket- very quick and easy, and looks good, I think. I had trouble with my buttonholes- Sharon had a great tutorial, and of course my Janome has one of these beauties, but mine always stuff up!! So I cheated and sewed press studs on with a button on the front. Don't tell anyone.

And, as requested, the whole quilt, and nothing but the quilt, so help me god. Well, a few throw cushions aside, I think it looks pretty amazing considering I didn't even measure it!! I held it up and went "is this big enough" to my posse at Sewjourn.

Hmm. The child says she doesn't like pink, but look at this post. She's very happy about it, too!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Forever and a day

is how long it has taken me to do this post. The computer is having some senior moments, and I think the nursing home is imminent. But here goes(....under pressure of maybe being the last post for ?how long)
I noticed the other night my cat has an orange dot on the top of her head. I hadn't noticed it before- every time I touch it, she pushes her head up in the catty way- I keep going 'toot-toot' when I touch it too. When do you think this would be annoying her?

A need for hoodies has driven me to quite a few oppies this week. Among the benefits (vintage sheets and bedspreads, haby) are these cool little numbers

this one (not technically a hoodie but a warm coat) needs some embellishing, yo yo's needed I think!

I also got this skirt with a ribbed waistband- just what every girl needs, a sheep skirt! Now it is stash skirt!

Some more fabrics/ bed linen/ doily

These arrived in the mail after my Paypal account paid for them (really a swap with the stuff I sold on Ebay, right?)

And I have wanted something Ken Done for ages- I had an amazing doona cover when I was younger, wish I still had it! Something being made out of this. And the brightest chenille I've seen that I didn't dye.

Finally, I have finished my little girls quilt, started at Sewjourn and finished in a week! Cheating included- over locking all pieces together (chenille is VERY fray-ey, annoyingly so0 and machine stitching binding on. I love the look. Haven't sewn the corners perfect, but I like it like this. Backing and binding picked by little one.

So, my busy week off work comes to a close. I am now trying to (still) unpack and get everything in it's place, a heap of washing to sort and put away has once again overtaken the couch, so I will answer....for 1 night anyway.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Creative Space

By the seat of my pants, I am making it this week!
I took this away with me on the weekend, which proved a bit ambitious even for me. But after Little Miss picked the fabric, I was right into it, especially as I want her to have a new outfit for visiting on Saturday.

Head over here to see who's playing along, all thanks to Kirsty!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stamping away

I have been getting lots of help from Holly recently with my foray into the stamping world. She has the best tips for buying products- my tip is as soon as you see a Speedball lino cutter on the shelf, GRAB IT! It is quicker to buy form the US online I think than get RIOT to find one in their stores.

But I can't complain, it was worth the wait and I have a beautiful 'hand made' stamp to show. I recycled the wooden backing off an old folk art stamps I had in my drawer (don't ask me how it got there, folk art is up there with scrap booking and Feathers wool to me).

If you like these, but want someone else to make it, see Jemma for more.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Good for the soul

Well, where to start? Maybe at the end and say I'm so sad it's over! Sewing is not the same at home...still good, but hey, how can it compete with this craziness....
gifts for no reason (more of that next post)

food- there were other meals, but this one stood out

sewing, cups of tea, the occasional alcoholic beverage...

LOTS of hamming for the camera
lots of laughing at old mags, craft and bk
and some finished and half finished projects. The overlocked quilt's top is done

a new zippered pouch habit has formed

Frances' sister was there and modelled a jacket and bags
and someone missed me, and loved her quilt!

What are we doing next weekend guys?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Need help....

Need to get this done...

so I can go and enjoy this place

Can't even think about getting projects organised yet! Arghhhhh!