Friday, February 14, 2014

Grainline Moss skirt

So now I've shown you my 'disatser', time to you show you the successes! These are ones I've titled 'it wont happen overnight, but it will happen'! 

I bought this pattern, as I've tried a few other patterns, but the real reason I made it was it made everyone look skinny! Lets face it, isn't that why we chose a pattern as we want to look like the model on the cover ? Well, I do, apparently!

So I used some sparkly denim Ive had in the stash forever, and completely stuffed it up the first time- I managed to put the fly in back to front! and couldn't face the unpicking, so onto the UFO pile it went!

Luckily I decided, as I'm sure most of us do, that the beginning of 2014 is for finishing of the UFO'S! And I'm actually enjoying it! Take this skirt....

I persisted with the unpicking- and the zip went in surprisingly easily! The the waistband, and before I knew it...

I'm a bit in love with the pockets! Ahh, Liberty....

Sneaky late night shot. I added the bottom panel, I don't think anyone needs to be subjected to my thighs...

And the day time photo shoot! These little slides are amazing, and stay done up well. It's been on high rotation and is super comfy for work...I do tend to leave a glittery trail on any chair I sit on, but that's cos 'I'M A FAIRY' hehe

So then I had a plan. I'd made a green fluro denim skirt when I was procrastinating about mending the other one (yep, I'm fickle like that) but didn't 'love' it- I didn't add the bottom band, so it was a bit short, and I had a cunning plan with some cut up denim I had from jeans...

Ta-Da! Unfortunately, I don't have the grain of the bottom panel going the right way, so its a bit bunchy around the hem.

  Another masterful zip! (I did this one right first time, Go figure!)

And added some cute back pockets. I realise this breaks up the expanse of 'green butt' that was the other reason I didn't love it!

Some cute pockets too.

Got time for one more? I had a Laura Ashley brand skirt from the op shop that I was wearing to started getting a bit loose, so I thought I'd take it in so I could keep wearing it. after it sat on the mending pile for about 6mths, it fit perfectly again! But the waistband was a bit stretched, so an unpicking unveiled the truth.

  No interfacing on the waistband! I added some, of course, and put it all back together.

And added the nifty slide thing. The buttonhole was all stretched, and I ended up shaving about 1/2inch of each end of the waistband.

I won't bore you with the details, but I also whipped up this one as my 'first day back at work' outfit.

Problem is, I have this in my head the whole time I wear it!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Simplicity 2177 The End!

So last year sometime I started a frock. I blogged about it too, it was a labour of love.
It was going to be worn for a birthday party- it even made it out of the house ON me, unfortunately to be put back in the cupboard after i had a wee panicky/anxiety attack on the way to the party, rendering me useless and needing to go home.

So I decided it was cursed! (And didn't really have anywhere to wear it till now anyway). 

But today was a special event, a 'lungiversary' for a special friend, so I pulled it out. Ooh, lovely!

Look the end of the day, I just wanted to get home and rip it off! It seems I've now put on a bit of weight around the upper arm, and those bust darts were never right, I don't think. I'm calling them the 'headlights' haha.

 Standing, walking etc are fine, but sitting and definitely driving mean I still have a red mark on my arm! 'A bit toight' I would say!

 I *swear* I was standing straight and tall during this pic too, so when I saw this- ugh!

So, a disappointing result. The fabric is lovely, a silk/cotton. I enjoyed the process of making it, and learnt lots of techniques. So I'll try 'gifting' it to whoever steps over the doorway, be warned! hehe.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm getting there!

I've been trying for ages to get this one posted, and tonights the night!

Just a little reflect on the last month, and the holidays. Little Miss was at vacation care program 3 days a week while I worked, so we had 4 days a week together. 

New Years Day started it off with fabric sorting and dvds;

whilst the girl was at the beach with her bestie.

We had a night at the Moonlight Cinema at the Botanic Gardens;

and watched Grease: Sing a Long while the bats flew overhead.

We backed that up the next night with out first Melbourne Tigers basketball game! With one of their huge fans, introducing us the the game fun.

We were even 'found' on the televised version and Instagrammed! Jacqueline did her version of 'celebrity spotting' haha

There was much catching up with this little man, here on his new wheels.

 and of course, many selfies!

This is Henry's selfie face- saying 'Blue Steel selfie' gets this face every time! Hilarious!

Now to get the sewing projects in some semblance of order and show them!