Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oppy goodness

I don't think I've posted any oppy goodness for a while, I try and do it on Sundays to join in Flea Market Finds, but I forget what I've gotten by then, so I don't do it!

Today's haul was a goodun'; 2 oppy's on my lunch break gave me a pretty good haul.

The Tupperware container was $4, perfect for taking my milk to work with my plunger and coffee in a bag; Smiggle pencil case for $2 (I'm the kids hero now); new wallet; vintage tablecloth; massive bag of zips for $5 and not in the pic is a bag of patchwork fabrics for $5; and a retro Dymo labeller for....$0.99!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

ANOTHER cushion

I'm sure you remember (but I'll tell you again) how I made the kid a quilt and cushion out of Sherbert Pips?

When Aneela Hoeys' new range Little Apples came out, I was asked by the girl to do another quilt- alas, I didn't have it in me (Or the cash-ola in me bank) so I did the next best thing....

Can you see it?

She loves it! I used this pattern over here

The red chenille was used to try and tie it in with the others, and she chose red honeycomb print for the back.

Straight line diagonal quilting, I used wool batting against the front so it's extra soft and squishy. And jammed 2 pillows in there for a plumper cushion.

I think I should stop there! Except, she may have some new fabric coming's all so damn cute!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

getting ready for a makeover.....

and hopefully an online shop, if anyone wants to buy my handiwork!

My awesome pal designed me some new cards, and worldwidelabel made me some new labels

Next will be the blog makeover!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A beautiful girl

Gosh, I'd love more babies. But if I don't, I know how lucky I am to have this amazing girl.
She cracks me; gives me too many kisses and hugs; and generally is pretty easy to have around.
And now she loves hanging out in the sewing room with me!
we have 4 other rooms she can be in, but no, the floor of the sewing room on a Sunday is a good place to be!

I'm pretty proud of last week's efforts!

A few more drawstring purses. One was filled with lollies and given to her friend at school, despite not being invited to her party (devastating at nearly 8 not to be invited). And she decided that herself- awwwww!

The other was for 'Snookums' who was a pocket money treat. Due to her favourite computer game.

She's finally decided a skirt over jeans is a good look (yay for being able to make cool skirts for her- or teaching her to!)

Tried a mini-chicken burger at Nando's, cracking me up as usual. Especially as the chicken fell out of the bun as she bit into it, hahaha.

And proud Mama as she spends her pocket money again (a while after the Snookum's purchase, she doesn't buy much or get much pocket money actually), realising the $10 product is as good as the larger $20 one, an ornament is an ornament!

Sibella Alison, I love you to the moon and stars and back. And back again. No I said it first. No, I win.....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Go Granny Go!

When my favourite blogger/crafty person decided to print some fabric, I wonder if she knew what she'd start?
Granny craziness!

I initially didn't know if I'd use it- what could I make out of it? I saw her example and got thinking. Freshly made fabric combined with a skirt making class? I'll do my best!

(with a Curlypops brooch too!)

I'm pretty happy with it! Despite the fact it attracts small white dogs to jump on you haha. It's actually hot pink drill, but looks a tinge red in some of the pics, might just be my screen. And as Cam says in her shop:

'Note: the colour on screen is as close to actual as I can provide.
 All screen colours differ, so please keep this in mind when ordering.'

A great class was had yesterday, by the way- despite already having made one of the wrap skirts from the book, getting the extra tips with layout and cutting was great, especially what to do if your fabric is too small and how to do a panel. And the company and lunch were great. A real treat!

PS No endorsment was given for this promo. I paid good and proper for it!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Girly sewing

Yay, she's finally wearing some stuff I've made!
Hmm, actually I made them as requested and tried to keep my opinion out of it, it seems to be working at the moment!
This top has been as fave, so I made another one for my growing girl- in her favourite colour of purple!

and something that never gets refused- new pj's! In her favourite fabric (love hearts).

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My creative space

This weeks space is about finishing a project off, this one to be precise.

Tana lawn from Spotlight.

Head over here for more spaces