Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Creative Space

I haven't played along for a while, busy with work and usually just finishing 
something by Thursday!
This ones taking a bit longer.

We're heading down the coast this weekend, and I realised I had still hadn't made myself a toiletry bag in my friend Nikki's book!

I used some leftove I&S fabric, my fave colour lining, and all ready to bind. I was planning to use the yellow dot, but a trip to Spotty meant I nabbed some turquoise (or "Peacock" homespun) and decided that would be used instead.

Off to finish it off!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Op Shopping

I either haven't been op shopping, gotten good bargains or remembered to post them on here, but today I made sure I did!
I was lamenting after the last post over the fact I'm running out of vintage sheets, especially big ones.  ! went to 2 oppy's today (Salvo's and Vinnies) where it's all tending to be modern and expensive. So I dropped into a few smaller ones on the way home, and got luckier.

A few paleish ones, and the orange beauty, which is flannelette;

and this one. Not sure how vintage it is, but it yelled out to me, so I grabbed it 
for a few bucks.

A hounds tooth cap for $2, a mug (for a pincushion) and a few patterns;

and this was definitely NOT staying on the rack. Not for $8!!! 

It has a beautiful thick purple satin lining, delish!

Very happy with my haul! Now the washing (and soaking) begins!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Doona or duvet?

I was asked/commissioned to make another doona cover, by my real estate agent of all people! (Very handy having handmade stuff everywhere at inspection time I say!)

So I present the 2 latest ones I've made this week.

One for the Little Miss. She's requested the doona this week over a quilt, and decided she needed some vintage (with a bit of modern in there). She requested blue, green and purple.

Matching pillow case

Light blue backing on the pillow and doona

And all the fave cushions

And the queen size one that was ordered. My favorite green sheet (last one I had!)
 for the back, and stripey pillows.

Yep, just about perfect I think.

I probably only have enough vintage fabric left for 1 more queen size cover, so if you have ever
 wanted one, now could be a good time!

Another Tova??

I love my Tova pattern, and was pleasantly surprised when I found this pattern I bought a while a go as it looked a bit similar. I originally cut it out in black and white spots, but the kid changed her mind!

 Racing outside for the photo shoot!

I like the collarless version, she would like an extra button on the placket though. 
Felt a bit breezy I guess!

The little mistake of cutting it off too short (her request, silly mumma listened) was fixed and
 I think is barely noticeable.

Yep, very happy!

The fabric is from Spotlight, I bought extra when it was on special for quilts/binding.
 I have a little left, thank goodness!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


So now I've made my second one, I thought I'd better rave about my new favourite pattern. It is going down in history as the most expensive pattern I've ever bought, but I already realize the quality and expertise behind it!

So, what's so good about it?

Super easy placket.
No interfacing.
Easy gathering (I used my shirring elastic again)
Sizing is perfect- I made an XL with no adjustments at all.

I used this crinkle fabric from the stash for the first one; the only trouble was pressing
 the seams and making sure I didn't iron out the crinkles!

The second one is in $4 a metre Spotlight cotton; I used about 1.2m, a bit of a bargain! 

I love the spots! I didn't try them on, but will try and snap some of me wearing it- they'll high on rotation in my work wardrobe. I've worn the first one and got a compliment straight away!

The pattern now comes in a downloadable form, much cheaper (but without the gorgeous packaging and you have to sticky tape it all together- that's how I justify my purchase ha ha). I've also read the tank is great, but it's so similar to this one I made I don't need another pattern!

Friday, March 16, 2012

New jeans!

I don't normally rush straight home, put on my new jeans, and then blog about them, but today i'll make an exception!
I saw via twitter about this store, around the time everyone was talking about the '$9 jeans'.
I've been waiting until I was working up that end of town, and popped in for a look.
Busy! Lots of people shop there, that's a good sign right?

I got medium waist skinny leg jeans for....$40! And didn't even need alterations, I got the thumbs up for the owner and I'm set! 
Lots of colours, lots of style, and comfy!
There is a Facebook page, my favourite bit is the 'about' section: Good Jeans. $40. We make them fit. For free. You go on hot date

Maybe that's why I raced home and put them on haha

PS saved this as I went out for dinner with a friend (not a date), still don't want 
to take them off! So comfortable!

Monday, March 12, 2012


So, as I finished the sew a long dress a bit too quickly, I decided to make a bag. I found the mustardy yellow fabric in the remnant bin- yep, the roll sold that quick at my Spotlight that they had a remnant leftover! A bit cheaper too, $10 for 1.3m.

I paired it up with this pattern; the 2nd pattern of Nikki's I bought, and that I got at the pattern launch- gosh, I felt like I met someone famous that day! Well, I kinda did- my kind of famous, anyway!
The first bag I made from this pattern was pretty terrible, no photos remain and I 
don't think it was ever blogged!
It's a bit fiddly, lots of steps, but worth it in the end....

 (I wasn't feeling in a modelling mood, and the kid is having pj day as she's sick- so 
Fem Bot stood in for us. Thanks, darl!)

I usually wear mine on this side; I purposely put the adjuster at the back to there is less bulk at the front. Smart like that I am teehee

a zippered gusset;

the lining was a quilting cotton I picked up in Spotty in the sales- reminds me I love me!
And am worth a new bag whenever I feel like it!

And I challenged myself to another zip, this time a pocket. I don't have a fear of zips- just am generally pretty lazy, and prefer not to if I can get away with it. Luckily, Nikki's patterns have such good instructions they take no time at all!

This will sure brighten up the wintry days to come!

Now to go and sort the washing- it can only ever be put off!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday snippets

Joining in over here.

Finished Made In Cherry!

So I've finally finished the quilting and binding on the Quilt a Long I joined.

I went with blue, with a stripe.


I love the triangle quilting the best!

And it's found a great spot to be shown off, instead of folded in the cupboard.

There's more pics of mine and lots more over here,
and thanks heaps to Chelsea for hosting the 'a long'!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lisette Sew A Long

There was Tweeting about a Lisette dress the other day, and Cam got her wiggle on really quickly and organised a Sew A Long!

I'm already a fan of the Lisette patterns, and definitely the Oliver & S patterns! So I raced around getting the pattern and the fabric I've been eyeing off....

This is one of the easiest patterns I've ever made! 4 pieces (5 if you count the tie); no facings, no zips, a real beginners pattern, which is great for instant gratification!

The first thing (for my fellow 'sew a longers') is it's VERY roomy around the bust. Measurments showed I need to cut an 18 for my usual size 14 body. I sewed the armhole facings before a try on myself ( my dummy not as accurate as I thought!) When my sister came over yesterday and I tried it one, she suggested taking it in under the arms, and bingo, a much better fit!

A tip for the gathering- I used sewing elastic in my bobbin, and set the set length to maximum- you get an even gather, unlike if you do 2 rows of cotton and pull them to get the gather. A bit like shirring!

I still like the looseness around the middle and bottom.

Also, I didn't alter the length and this is wear it came to. If you want it below the knee, you'll need to add some length through the body.

I'm pretty impressed with my straight seams haha

How you doing?

Friday, March 2, 2012


Last Sunday, the fatique of the Skydive still in my body, my sewing was going to s%^t, 
so I packed the kid into the car for a treat. 
She's loved it from the first time she tried it. 
Now the ramp is gone (bumpers still up though)

When did she gets so big?!

 She very quickly worked out how much she beat me by!
 At least I was helping her maths!
(yes, she beat me while I was using the bumpers, how embarrassing!)

Once the bribe bowling was over, I got to go into Ikea with no complaints. I was definitely the winner out of that one!
Where, among other things, we got some chair pads (no more sweaty legs sticking to the chair on a hot day)

And the 'bargain corner' gave her a proper chair for her desk

I also got a special delivery during the week, the ultimate score. The new Flea Market Fancy range! I missed out first time around, and wasn't going to let it happen again!

This is the 21 prints;

and these are my particular favorites.

Plus I still have my collection of Picnic and Fairground.

I just have to be strong and chop them up! They'll still be beautiful!