Sunday, August 1, 2010

out and about

A bit of out and about crafting this weekend. A visit to Castlemaine, Daylesford and of course, Daylesford Bazaar. Oh, yes, Lark too. A few of my pencil rolls are left, as run and snap them up!
Even Little Miss loves this shop- "there are just so many cute things here, mum!" She said loudly. Then she wondered why someone told her she was cute!
I pick up these beauties....

and the bedspread on the left. The one on the right is from Savers a few weeks ago, $5.99 for a Queen size one. The one of the left is double for $25 (reduced from $50!) So 2 for $30, I think!

We picked up a couple of cards and this book- better late than never! Heading over to
Curlypop's tomorrow to get her to autograph it for me haha

Had to go to Spotlight- another post on the mermaid fabric coming up! But look what i found- chook fabric! $6 a metre. wouldn't they make great soft toys? or a chook stop? Endless possibilities! My friend's mum loves these, and I'd love to make her something, as she was so good to Little Miss. All depends if I'm good enough to be spoken to again, I suppose!
Also got one of these- my first craft was this, and Little Miss thought she'd give it a try-
she will have to get in quick! It's fun!

Happy week of crafting!


Cathie said...

love the chicken fabric! used some on a wheat bag for the kids. it's very "cute" :)

Copper Patch said...

Oooh I used to love a bit of latch hooking. Hope she enjoys it. I know someone who would love love love the chook fabric. I might have to get to Spotty at some stage, Ab

DogsMom said...

Beautiful job on the latch hook. A great craft for kids. Their fingers are still nimble.

Mistea said...

Lots of lovelies there. Loving the little cup cake latch hook kit,good starter for little miss.

Cass said...

I nearly picked up one of those latch hook kits at Spotlight on Friday for Charlotte. I remember doing those when I was little too