Monday, January 3, 2011

I've been making a few things over the NY holidays, but a few are belated Xmas gifts, so can't show them yet. But I thought I'd document my first 'FAIL' of the year- I'm sure there'll be more!

I decided I was going to make more knit stuff this year, instead of paying for it in the shops. I saw this pattern (when I was looking for another style, of course) and with the 30% sales at the fabric outlets, thought a simple, cheapey dress would be good for work.

Not having much experience with knits, I bought a one way stretch knit, and I'm not sure now if the stretch was going the right way! And it is too small. I don't have a six pack to show off in this fitted number, just a 2-pack (2 x rolls, that is). But I like the top, the sleeves and the neckline, all above the waist, really.

The top part from the back is pretty flattering too.

Love this delightfully straight seam, don't get many of them in this house of wonk! So, back to the drawing more, going to hunt down some op shop stretch stuff to practise, 'cos if it were looser around the tummy, perfetc!

I want to start showing a few pressies off, too, mainly the ones I got for the Little Miss. This Victoria mason necklace is so cute, as the kid is a real bookworm, I thought this pendant was fitting, and she loves it! However, I don't think she appreciates good jewellery yet- she asked me yesterday when it was going to turn gold! Oops!

Edit: I didn't realise the last comment could be taken both ways- it wasn't that she prefers expensive, gold jewellry, it's that her silver jewellry usually tarnishes or the silver plating comes off in about a week!


PS There is a stretch class I want to take, but in the meantime, I'm envious I can't go along to this one! Can't quite qualify as a beginner anymore, I'd be taking up a spot on of YOU guys could have! I did a course for better bags not long ago, and it helped soooo much, I would defiantly recommend it!
Anyone know of any other good stretch sewing classes?


Sue said...

Good luck with the stretch sewing! I dont think I could wear a dress like that or otherwise my one big roll would stick out! I love the little book necklace, how wonderful!

nicole said...

you could still wear it with a high waisted skirt perhaps, then it would show off the top part that you like :D
had a bit of a giggle at that turning to gold part!

Nikki said...

You could cut it shorter and wear it as a top....

Knits are dead easy. If you need help to make it fit, bring it into the studio and I'll give you a hand.

thea said...

hmmm sorry no idea, but still RESPECT... you could make it into a top...


Annie said...

LOVE the little book. I did a stretch sewing course YEARS ago with my mum - we learnt how to make undies and tshirts - hmmmm. I guess I've come a long ways since then.