Thursday, November 24, 2011

Makeover part 2

I was going to split this post up, but have been pretty busy lately (and a poor blogger), so decided getting it all out of the way at once is better! I have a few more tips I learnt along the way, will save them for later.

So I decided that I HAD to put the furniture up my own- hey, I've lived on my own for 6 yrs, I hate admitting I need help for anything! So this is how I moved the bookcases....

pulled them into the room and stood them up (or something like that).

The desk was the longest to put together, about 2 hrs, I did that first so the bookshelves took about an hr each.

I found a clever idea for the huge drawers (kitchen drawer divider);

and moved a few of my older features around.

Getting an opinion from a friend (who I think should start charging for her great ideas) I decided to purchase a smaller ironing board from the oppy (found this just after my decision)

I bought a think new cover from Big W (the retro one was paper thin and no padding!)

 Here it is in action- can I just mention THE LIGHT~dark furniture begone, I 'have seen the light'!

I still want cupboards down the bottom to hide all the ugly crap.

This space will be used for a custom made cutting table for my height

 as long as it all fits up here!

No fabric was harmed in this makeover.


Unknown said...

I'm totally jealous of your new sewing table. You and Cam might have to start asking Ikea for commission soon.

Kelly Casanova said...

It all looks great, I love getting crafty space organised. Check out that stash!

willywagtail said...

Looking good.I too went for a smaller ironing board. I saves so much room to not have the iron holder on the end. Mine was a roadside job. I'm using an old cot as my cutting table. It's the right height, needs a piece of MDF for the top and hold heaps of junk/stuff inside and underneath. Cherrie