Sunday, March 25, 2012

Doona or duvet?

I was asked/commissioned to make another doona cover, by my real estate agent of all people! (Very handy having handmade stuff everywhere at inspection time I say!)

So I present the 2 latest ones I've made this week.

One for the Little Miss. She's requested the doona this week over a quilt, and decided she needed some vintage (with a bit of modern in there). She requested blue, green and purple.

Matching pillow case

Light blue backing on the pillow and doona

And all the fave cushions

And the queen size one that was ordered. My favorite green sheet (last one I had!)
 for the back, and stripey pillows.

Yep, just about perfect I think.

I probably only have enough vintage fabric left for 1 more queen size cover, so if you have ever
 wanted one, now could be a good time!


nicole said...

gosh they're gorgeous :D
fabulous job!

trash said...

Did you ask the agent for a reduction in rent???? ;-)

Sally said...

Just brilliant. Both of them.

Lisa said...

They are beautiful! I so need to make some doona/duvet covers...