Monday, September 24, 2012

It's all about the zest!

So I got to hang out with my crafty pal on Saturday, doing a bit of sewing, and I came home with a bit of stuff. We both have enough fabric to last a millenium, but this is the gold bar for me!

I got some owls and bikes;  some Spring Bouquet and the green one.

 The 'green one' is this- the Zesty Tote in lime! It's refreshing just looking at it haha. I used one of the panels and whipped it up at home. And waited to semi-ok-light for a pic (sorry, typical Melbourne weather means I blinked and missed the sun!)

The straps are strudy, and the name label is printed on- on for each side, which is handy when you want to show off a geat bag!

I used a vintage tablecloth for the lining.

and now have a reversible bag!

And then, after telling the bag it was going in a photo shoot, it decided to start posing on the kid's playground equipment....

Until I eventually reminded it....'you're just a bag'. Sorry, I think the Zesty Tote was playing with my head! Or it was a reeaaallllly slow day at work!

There are a few other colours in the shop, too.

And a plug about another new product Cam has designed...check out these cool accessories! Look familiar?
 Cam has cleverly taken the orange and pink flower she designed from that illustration, and had these acrylic pieces made up! So they are truly one-of-a-kind!

(photo borrowed from here)

 And that's the kind of person Cam is! 
(sorry, corny but true)


CurlyPops said...

Gosh I think you have me blushing right now! Thanks for all your help on the weekend.

Leonie said...

Ooh she's a clever girl!

Mookah Studio said...

She never stops that one! Cute bag.

Kat McNally said...

Yum! I am in love with that zingy tote.
And so very excited that you're joining us for Blogtoberfest12. It's going to be a fun one!