Friday, December 21, 2012

Warning- probably a few too many pics of me!

So yes, this post has a few pics of me- modelling my latest clothes making! From the last few weeks when I was sorting out the computer issues, hence why they are all in the same post!

I found some nice black stretchy stuff in my stash- it's quite thin, and really comfy. I made my first short-sleeve-v-neck Renfrew top.

I asked the Little Miss to take the pics- I obviously got her on a quirky day! And she then refused to take any more! Hard to get good help these days....

I also used a remnant of cotton lycra from Rathdowne Fabrics, it has a little sparkle in it. Comfy as well!

Remember this blazer? I really wanted another one, but was time poor :( Then I came across this at The Salvos store for $8! So didn't need to make one, phew!

Worn here with another Grainline tee

I needed a few tops for summer, and have used this pattern before too. I did have a lot of this fabric, it made a dress for the girl (cant find the pic) and a pair of pants, now a tank for me!

Now exactly the same size in the tighter weave meants it was a *bit toight*

As long as I didn't try to move I was fine! Thankfully Cam is the same size, but different body shape to me, and it fit her. Her colours as well! I like it my fails turn into happy gifts!
 There was much discussion at this time between Ms Pops and myself about the difference between the Grainline tank and the Wiksten tank.

The difference seems to be the darts in the Grainline; and the Wiksten seems a bit longer. So I bought the Wiksten as well, after my love affair with the Tova I knew I wouldn't regret it. That will get sewn up on my CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS! Yay!

Oh, check out Cam's great tank here! And in a happy coincidence, and without each other knowing, we have blogged about the top on the same day! Funny!


Yana said...

wow, looks like you've been very busy!!! nice stuff :)

Judith said...

All of these tops will be great for the summer that is hitting us at the moment! This sewing spree of tops all look super...image how much you will sew up on holidays????...J

Michelle said...

Everything looks SO GOOD Bec! And you do too of course. You are certainly an inspiration to the rest of us, sewing so many things for summer.

Becky said...

Sew much sewing, well done!