Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finally gifted!

I made a quilt for a friend- well, her mum and I are friends, and Little Miss and her are friends- a mum and daughter (like us) that we met in a group, and went on a few camping trips with. Sue made a big move at the end of last year, a new suburb and school, and further to travel to work. So I wanted to make Sue (the mum) a quilt for the new house, and as I was gifted some gorgeous fabric at Xmas time, I thought I'd use some of the stash for some gift quilts. However, knowing what 10yr old girls are like (probably like my 9yr old) I thought I'd keep the child (Sam) happy first with her own quilt (so mum has a chance of keeping hers- smart, hey?)

Inspiration was from one of my fave blogs here, and then I found a tutorial. I have wanted to try some new-to-me blocks, oldies but goodies, and give them a modern twist! The quilting was also a Crazy Mom technique...

Of, course I forgot to take some close ups or outside shots, but these will do....

I have to give my girl a bit of credit, for helping with some fabric choices, and layout and balance! (She has a eye already...)

And they had some typical tweenie silliness...

(Hmmm, that trick doesn't work with iPhone)

Perfect for cubbies!

 I really hope she likes it!

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