Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I always remind myself it is not the finished product, but the journey along the way....and I have learnt. Oh, yes, a 'make up as you go' pattern and the pic of a finished product in mind and...well, this it it (in 5 pics or less).
Prerequisite fuzzy slippers....

Hammer and nails....

Putting studs in...notice the stuff up?

Matching blankie

And lots of labels!

Ok, so I have learnt:

Lots of layers mean domestic sewing machines DO crack the shits occasionally.

Lots of pics before hand will remind you of how it's meant to look at the end.

Always check to recipient likes animal print (Bam-Bam!).

Make sure there is enough fabric for the matching top.

Plan for babysitting the weekend you want to finish this.

Relax and enjoy it! Remember the old one? Could I do worse?

It is back to it's owner this arvo, looking forward to her response!

Edit: She loved it! Now onto the hood.


Jennie said...

That looks great, I love the combo of materials. Certainly puts my one-hour pram liner to shame!

Jemma. said...

Thanks Bec! I only just got around to adding you to my google reader (finally) and saw all of the nice things that you've been saying about me. You're the best!


Sara said...

Hello - just found you through Jemma's website. Am amazed at the pram transformation - looks great (and so very very tricky):)

Nic said...

Looks fantastic. I am sure the owner will be very chuffed.

Tymms Ronalds said...

I am the proud owner of this amazing makeover and am just sooo excited about it. As I've said to Bec, once my third is out of it, this is now one to keep for the grandkids. So special. Sue.

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

It's fantastic - bet she loved it - I was dying to see how it turned out!