Friday, June 26, 2009

Swaps and stuff

The Polka Dot Swap has been huge fun, I'm about to send my parcel off, so can't post a spoiler pic, but look what I received today- gorgeous, isn't she? Little Miss and I squabbling over her at the moment. Thanks GB! (Don"t you think she looks like Katie Holmes? GB, not my doll!).

I got this groovy mag today. Here's my friend Fi's stuff- does she ever stop? Here as well.... (she made Pepper!)

And on a different page, completely different article- my phone cover! Well, an I-Pod/ i phone cover, does mine nicely in chenille. Hmm... this is becoming a habit.

So, technically I have SAVED money by buying the magazine, as I have MADE a phone cover, rather than BUYING one- makes sense to me!
And I have all those things to make with buttons!


Gail said...

Yay, glad she got there safely (and so quickly!).

Love the button magazine ideas.... will be stealing a few of those! Including the cellphone cover idea!

and THANKS for the compliment! I think it's the sunglasses :) i had to do a double read and then check what photo i had up to make sure it was me! haha

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Your love of chenile is proving functional AND beautiful! I must admit, I love the feel of it, but never find any in Syndey Op Shops, not sure why? Maybe as Melbourne gets colder than Sydney? Though, finding that hard to believe tonight!!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Oooh, let's take mags to Sewjourn so we can save more money by checking out other people's.

Jemma. said...

Cute! I had a sneaky look at the magazine instead o paying $6 for it :)

Anonymous said...

lovely gift in your polka dot swap :-)