Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm Back

Gosh, what a long blogging break for me! A whole week! I have been a bit busy, as you will see below- this is the surprise for my friend, well, for her 2yr old, he's seen it and doesn't give a toss, so I thought I'd surprise her! I had it layed out, and toddled off to bed, to find in the morning....
cat help! Thanks, Ace. Back to it tonight.

I made this one for Little Miss today, as I put it on her I realised she hadn't grown THAT much and last years stuff will still fit- but it's fun making a new summer wardrobe! This was inspired by this chickie- the tea towel was too small for an adult apron, too big for a kids one. Perfect for a dress!!

With summery backing- making me wish it was here now!

I finished off a pair of leggings, and the school shorts got new elastic. They'll do for one more term, then I might splurge for next year and make her 2 more pairs. They were getting a bit "toight"- a bit more comfy now.

Oh, no REAL op shopping this week, but did pick these up- she SO needs a dressing gown, she might get one by next winter! And love the dress- I think I'll do a long one, but sleeveless, like a kiddie version of a maxi dress.

OK, back to reassuring my cat she IS a great help, but only when I ask.


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Dress is very, very cute.

You're such a productive crafter.

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

I bought that exact dressing gown pattern from the oppy this week, to make for little P this summer, going to make the sleezes short and use up some of my vintage sheets! How bizarre.

Cath said...

that elephant dress is the cutest - i want one....