Friday, April 2, 2010

Good stuff

This week has had lots of good things, despite what the other posts seem to say!

Here's a shot of my little one off to a b'day party and later a sleepover last weekend- such a natural pose- NOT! The roses are such hard work- no, haven't done a thing to them, they came with the house!

So, so pretty, they have all opened up now, they may be bald for months, so I'll enjoy them while I can.

There's been a bit of op shopping, a bit too much to show, but I lurve this retro basketball tee shirt, 70's looking tag inside, can't wait to wear it.

Cam came over for a coffee and dye job, she gifted me these great cups, I am slowly perfecting the art of making a good coffee (I'll be keeping her in coffee for life after the great gift she gave me- hey, maybe the cups were for her, she didn't like my other ones heehee).

(The pattern is one of the tops I want to make).

And bruises- a head clash at the school holiday program nearly ended in tears- she wouldn't let them ring me as she didn't want to be taken home and miss out on the Easter Egg hunt! A true chocoholic! Arnica and a cold washer were needed before bedtime.

So, my busy week has ended, I managed to kill the vacuum cleaner as well, so today (Good Friday) is full of religious expletives as everything is shut and I can't get my vacuum repaired/coffee machine fixed/sewing cabinet key for Statewide etc etc etc.

Happy Easter!


Unknown said...

Oh well, at least you have a good excuse not to vacuum over the long weekend.

Cathie said...

i agree, no vacuuming, yippee!
enjoy your easter weekend gorgeous girls!

CurlyPops said...

It's all just so you can make me even more cappucinos of course!

Anonymous said...

*jealous* I love that shirt!