Saturday, April 17, 2010


The binding is coming along a treat- I'm hand sewing it, to make it perfect (?) and to make it a bit more traditional. Actually, I just like sitting on the couch at night and stitching away. My helper agrees it's the nicest quilt she's been on....

Murray has settled into the new house well, barking at the big birds flying overhead (we are under the flight path). A haircut for winter has spruced him up a bit (and the nasty smell is gone...)

I found these today- can you guess what they are?

How cute! I'm hoping Little Miss masters them soon, the bonus is once she has, the man comes off and she has kid sized chopsticks for her hands. I got them from here, or have a look here.

I also got the stuff for this project (freezer paper not in pic). I love finding ideas and trying them out (or is it copying?) I never admit to originality heehee. And this tute is taken from someone else anyway (thanks guys!)

Another person that inspires me is this chickie. I read lots of blogs, but this one is one I really relate too- not enough time to do stuff, someone with a girl, both hot stuff etc etc (teehee). So I watched for a bit at her sewing- great skirt, (very flamenco!), pants, and half a shirt (but we won't mention that one). So I bought the book and the fabric to start the school pants for Little Miss.
Now, back to the machine....


Liesl said...

Murray looks very handsome with his new cut. What a cutie!

I am loving those chopsticks - I have been looking everywhere for something suitable for the boys.

You've got some ace projects on the go. Can't wait to see what you stencil! "Sewing Clothes Kids Love" sounds lovely too. I keep thinking about getting it, but I suspect its a bit girl-centric. Yes?

Kate said...

Thanks so much for the shout out Ms Beccasaurus! Thanks also for not mentioning the half shirt! I'm still undecided about that one. Very excited that you bought the book and I cannot wait to see what amazing creations come from it. Hope you're having a great weekend.

Juddie said...

Miss Beccasaurus,

I'm glad you're all settling in to your new home. I have a huge confession to make. I've been a VERY BAD crafter and am more than a little overdue with completing your Sew It Together name tag. I'm really sorry! I certainly don't want you to think you've been forgotten/ignored ...

I promise you'll get it before the Sew It Together weekend, and I look forward to seeing you there :-)

xx Juddie