Monday, May 24, 2010

It was another busy sewing filled Saturday- the first meeting of MMQG! There are more pics over at the site, typical I forgot to take snaps! The show and tell was great, a walk to Vic markets for yummy lunch, some sewing, and a well-behaved child all made for a fun day. And Little Miss's interest in babies makes me hope there is a midwife in the making....

My busy Saturday night was filled with sorting out my scraps- how can I make a scrappy quilt if I dread looking through them? This has made it easier, and looking quite pretty! And cost $24! Cheap and tidy.

Now I have a lovely old suitcase to fill with other goodies!

And some gratuitous shots of the fur babies- my chenille cat.....(such good taste)

and happy dog. After a bath, a play and a treat, a cuddle on the lounge watching a DVD- a movie about dogs!

Hope you had a crafty, fun weekend too!

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Partito y Monito said...

'Twas great to see you again, sorry I missed you when I sloped off at lunchtime - she was an angel, indeed! What a lovely little girl.