Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blogtoberfest '10 Day 5

Some modelling today, in the lovely afternoon sun. I was like a busy bee last night and today, and nearly have 2 things finished!
I can't find a photo of the last top I made her in this pattern (it's infamous as all the strawberries are upside down). when she agreed to FFA I nearly fell over! And I made sure all the unicorns were up the right way!

The shorts are the new Burda pattern (we won't go there with that experience, not yet!) Just waiting to be hemmed. I used old chambray fabric, as they were a test pair, but I think she'll wear them (blue is the favourite colour, of course!)

Oh, and weird to me, but no elastic in the waistband? Is that weird for kid's clothes? Of course, they were a bit loose, I'll add it in later tonight.

Doggy approval!!

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