Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogtoberfest '10 day 11?

I think I'm on track. I thought I'd show you my new W.I.P. which has already been overlooked tonight for the ironing. I have a floor in my bedroom, and I'm determined to see it!
So, anyway, it's a vintage sheet and white doona cover, yep, that's right, NOT a quilt!

The reason? After many trials and errors, the humble doona is my 'sleep association', the weight is perfect, and a quilt just isn't heavy enough. Together, though, the doona and the quilt rock! So this is my way of having a little vintage all the time, with lots of different quilts to use when needed.
I'm going to overlock/serge this one together, very 'un-traditional', but hey, it's the '10's!
Oh, and definitely NO to top sheets under the doona. How can you wrap
yourself up in it like a caterpillar? have you had this discussion with anyone? It's like the toilet paper over or under the roll kind of discussion. We're all a bit different haha.


Rachel said...

I'm with you on the no sheet thing!
Also, the paper goes over, always!

trash said...

No top sheet all the way baby. Not only is there the no wrapping aspect (and we all know that is the point of a duvet/doona) but it is extra washing!

Sue said...

The doona cover is looking great. I agree toilet paper over always! Oh and I replied to your email but havent back from you about the knitting thing!

Ange Moore said...

Toilet paper definitely goes over the roll but I am a top sheet gal. I wash my sheet more often than I wash the doona cover so it's not really any extra washing. And my husband sleeps hot and can be found asleep under only the top sheet!

I saw SouleMama had a great patchwork doona cover similar to what you're doing and I'm totally inspired to have a go at this myself!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Gorgeous Bec.