Saturday, November 6, 2010

stuff again

I had 2 great finds at the oppy yesterday. I've just started a new job working from home- well, the car, really. So I needed a BIG bag to keep everything in, but found the wheely suticase too big- a brand new laptop bag for $9.99! It has the daggy Quicksilver logo on the front- but that may need to be covered up!

 I also found this new wheely trolley, great for when I need to take sewing stuff
to a friends, well, it has 100 uses really! Also $9.99!

 And some shots of the front garden- every day there are new ones open, so cute!

And that's my last post for a little minute- the computer is off to be looked at, it's been misbeahving and needs a makeover! Back soon....


Alison said...

Oh I love the glam shopper, very snazzy.

Andi said...

Ooooh! What's the new job?