Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Holiday fun!

Did you read the irony in the title? No? Well, I hate to say it, I am not one of those people who love the school holidays.I'm on my own with my child all day and night, and when holidays come around, IE no school and no work, we drive each other a bit batty!
It seems to be worse when she goes and has a heap of fun at someone else's house and comes home Bit of a let down, I'm guessing, if the bad behaviour is anything to go by.

So, after a write off of a morning, I suggested she play with these Hama beads. Now, I'm particularly proud of this find. 2 weeks of stalking Salvos and it was still there- all the beads, all the templates, instructions etc.

Hard to read, but the original price tag said $46.99. Not well spent for the kid who chucked them out, but well worth the $4.99 I picked them up for!

So far, solo, she has made the ostrich (called an emu, but I keep correcting her);

and made me a 'Cheeky Monkey';

and I've just come from helping her with the lion's mane and face. We've had a few cries when it gets bumped, but boy, these things are great for teaching resilience! So today, when I couldn't find the purse feet or right size template plastic for the bag I'm making, I could proudly say 'see? No point crying, doesn't find them /fix it any quicker.

And we've had some nice Mummy/kid time too.

And this pic is to show the wee girl where I put her present, the little sweetie gave it to me, too cute! With my other special things :)


Nikki said...

I can't WAIT until my girl will stick with hama beads for extended periods of time!!!! She always needs me to do the boring bits!

Hang in there - just a few days to go....

Jo (sparkly green knickers) said...

Oh, I used to dread the holidays, too! My daughter used to pick fights with me when she was bored. Now she's big enough to organise her own social life - and get herself there too :) win-win!

BOB & MABEL said...

I've mostly enjoyed the holidays. Although over the last week they have driven me nuts. I'm ready to throw my 2 girls through the school gates in the morning without stopping the car!!!!

Sue said...

I am so glad that it was still there when you went back. Looks like hours of entertainment. Isabelle gets bored even with both of us home on the school holidays, and thank goodness she is going back tomorrow. Today she is baking a cake all by herself so it should be a bit of time occupied.