Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Rather Productive weekend!

I had an emergency dash to Spotlight yesterday for Pellon (fusible interfacing) and lookee what I found on the clearance table!
No, not a child, this gorgeous fabric! I snapped up a metre, and did a simple shirred top. She requested strapless (?) but I convinced her to have a halter neck!

And it's been worn all day, despite the chillier weather.

We dropped the fluffy dog off for his summer trim (a few mths too late), having a coffee in the cafe next door. My fellow heart spotter noticed this. And that was THE strongest coffee I've ever had, stronger than a double shot!

So when we got home with a baldy dog, I whipped up this quick coat,
from this book.

 It goes well with the 'M' bling given to him by the doggy groomer! Because he was so good!



trash said...

Is that the pre-shirred cotton by the metre? I am kicking myself I didn't buy any when I was home last year.

Ace coat but is just me gets images of burly bikers and handlebar moustaches looking at it?!

Andi said...

Lovely 'whip-ups'.
Andi x

Sue said...

Isnt that fabric great. I made Issy 3 dresses a few years ago and she worn them all summer. The blue top looks great on her. I love your doggie coat too, how cute!

Marie said...

Nice blue top! good job.

CurlyPops said...

The halter was a great idea to finish it off!
Murray is looking a bit like a superhero in that outfit!

Vic said...

Go you! Awesome work; the top is tres cute & what a dog coat, never have I seen such canine couture....!

Stomper Girl said...

Wow, the blue top is super-cute! And strapless dresses are just asking for trouble if you have nothing to hold them up with, ask me I know! Am also very approving of the purple coat for your dawg, nice one!