Sunday, March 6, 2011

More good stuff happening Part 2

A good news story happened to me last week, not big enough for the news....hang on, there are lots of crap news stories added in as 'filler', this could make it in haha.

I purchased this necklace in the Xmas sales from an online store, and waited...and waited... and when it finally arrived- black! Tarnished. Unwearable. I was so sad; after getting the kid the same designer necklace (as in the person who made it, not an commercially made designer)

I emailed the store, and didn't get much help; so I finally emailed the designer herself, and how amazing is this;

she sent me a cleaning cloth, and as I'd requested to buy a larger size necklace (my fault for not measuring the chain originally when I bought it online) she sent that along as well. Complimentary! So I could 'love my necklace again'! (and the cute doily was an added bonus!)

Oh, I do, so very much, the cloth worked a treat, and I even got out the little beading pliers and moved the name disc over to it, so I can wear them together, being now and even huger fan of Victoria Mason! That's customer service, in a nutshell; the moral for me is buy straight form the designer; the money goes straight to them, and if there are problems, a lot easier to fix!

I haven't taken it off! (oh, the dirty necklace will be cleaned up and kept for Little Miss, I plane on getting her another pendant to put on it).

 I recently found a hat in an op shop (can't find the pic anywhere!) and found a similar pattern, can't wait to make it up!

I finished of a little bag for a penguin obsessed friend of the Little Miss, for her b'day party yesterday- filled it with home made hair ties, it was a real hit!

Off to finish off another creative weekend! Hope your week is good.

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Stomper Girl said...

Love the penguin bag - my kids are penguin fans too.

Also love Victoria Mason stuff. I won her crochet square necklace which I love to bits.