Monday, March 14, 2011

What I got up to.

Well, as Twitteres and Facebooker's would now I had the WHOLE long weekend to myself, in fact, Little Miss is due to be picked up by me in an hour! Wow, for me, that's huge. I knew I'd be sadder about it than her though teehee. She went off camping with her Aunty and Uncle (my sis), real camping with tents and drop toilets, ugh! Not my cup of tea, but kids, they love it!

Anyway, back to me- what did I do with myself? well, I spent the last of my money this weekend to get my hair done- so I can at least smile when I look in the mirror haha

As I had no funds to go anywhere, and was recovering from a lurgy I couldn't take to
Ms Curly's house, I decided to tackle some big projects- firstly
this room. My horrible bedroom. It nearly always looks
 like this, something had to be done....

99.9% of the clothes on the floor were clean, and just had made it to the next step (putting themselves away in the cupboard haha). You get pretty lazy living on your own!
So the ironing was killed....

and a rearranging, it's like a different room! I have to put nik naks back etc, but
for now I like it clean....

There was a bit of couching going on, with 2 knitting projects on the hop. Thess are
going to be little baby pants,

and I made a newborn gown to go with them.

I finally got to make this too- I saw a tutorial ages ago, and forgot to save it. Then in Target one day I saw one for sale. I thought for weeks where I had seen it, and I finally stumbled across this, which led me to here! Yay for finding it!

I only chose grey because I didn't have enough blue, but now I think the grey should stay! With the pink print form the stash. I cheated a bit though- I hand stitched the petals, too freaky to do my machine, though it would have been quicker! I interfaced the back, so the weight of the petals doesn't collapse the cushion (I don't know if that would happen, I'm just interfacing mad), I also had a mix of acrylic and wool felt in grey, and I can tell! So next one with wool only. I thought the back looked pretty cute....

Hope you had a relaxing weekend wherever you are!


Andi said...

Firstly ... hair looks GORGEOUS!!
Second ... great job on the clean up and the crafting.
Yay for long weekends!!
Andi xx

CurlyPops said...

Yah for beautiful cushions on bright white backgrounds! Amazing what a difference it makes when you actually have some available daylight for photos.
I spent today doing exactly what you did - cleaning my hovel of a bedroom and doing washing!

Mistea said...

Gorgeous cushion - fits perfectly in your new room!

Nikki said...

Love the hair!!

I ignored my floordrobe and made mess in other rooms, too... great to have an extra day in the weekend to play.

Sue said...

Your haircut looks gorgeous Bec! Love the redesign of your room, always makes me happier when I can get a room to work better! The cushion looks so pretty too.

Betty Jo said...

Hi Bec,
I have a commission for you. My tapestry cat bag has been taken over by my daughter so I need another.Found a very pretty tapestry today so maybe we can catch up and talk! I'll bring tapestry to Finders Keepers anyway.