Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm still here

Wow, my blogging has been a bit sparse lately, I have a few reason. Number 1 is my slow computer! Not the Internet speed, my old dear can't put up- with all I ask of it! So a new laptop is in the planning phase.

Also is just being busy! I'm now a working full time single parent (for the same employer), no more half days, I'm pretty pooped when I get home, so have only really been crafting, but then not blogging about much.

I scored a table tennis table over the school holidays (2-3 weeks ago) and then plan was is to have it in the garage, folded down for when I needed to baste. I was impatient.

this shot makes it look OK

but in this shot, you can see how I didn't have much room in the house! I invited some friends over Saturday afternoon, and Friday night was the only time I could clean, so I decided to put it down on my own....

It's not dead dead, just a little bit broken. To be continued.....

And remember this project? The lovely lady at Clark Rubber cut me a medium density foam square, and gave me the tip of using calico to pull the sides down, and therefore round the edges off.

Unfortunately today I found out that Masonite and staple guns don't mix. I need to use
upholstery tacks.

I'm nothing if not persistent!


trash said...

So when you have finished messing around with staples and glue what will it all become?

Sue said...

Yay go Beck, I am sure you will get there with the tacks!

willywagtail said...

Like your idea for a basting table! Maybe that is why I have been hanging on to ours for so long. Hope the tacks work for you. Cherrie

Teek said...

thanks for your lovely comment.. I love the tip re corners on the foam. I am planning on making one so now you have me inspired. Thanks

Angie said...

Love the idea of the basting table....I imagine it would save your back from all that bending (plus all the floor-cleaning involved prior to basting on the ground!)

Sounds like you are super busy these days....not sure how you manage it all!