Wednesday, May 25, 2011


God, the waiting nearly killed me! The swap only finished on Monday, but when you know people have been posting earlier, you kinda start waiting earlier!
So I've been looking at the linky list Vic created, and checking out the goodies, trying to work out which one was mine.....and missed this one not on the list!

And the kid was soooo happy to be included!

Awww, double love! and we both felt the love, thanks Beck! It's perfect on the couch (leaning on it now while I'm posting), great design, so simple and sweet.

a beautiful little card (with such beautiful words, I love it!) and some little treats for the girl and me

Beck, you made our day, and Vic, for this great cushion swap! I had just as much fun making as I did receiving (now the anxious wait to find out if my recipient likes her!)


Tania said...

Win WIn! Those cushions are through and through Beck!

Sue said...

I saw those very sweet cushions on Beck's blog, arent you both so lucky! I always get anxious waiting for nice mail too.

Beck said...

Aww...I'm so happy you liked your cushions! Love the photo's, especially the sleepy one you sent me. Did you hear from your recipient yet? Great swap wasn't it? Thanks Vic! xo