Tuesday, June 28, 2011


 A few weeks ago, I had a friend come and force help me get rid of some of my fabric I wasn't going to use. I've only hung onto it for like, forever! So a giveaway is happening!

I took a few different angles, as you can see there is a fair bit. A range of colours, and some kids prints in there. The rule of the giveaway is

you must be able to either pick up fabric, or be willing to pay the postage.

Email for a postage quote if you want postage, otherwise go ahead and comment!

Edit: I'll draw it a week from posting!


Miss Milla's said...

Oh my goodness....I am loving the green fabric floral in the top picture. I would love to enter the giveaway (for a chance to win that piece of fabric) and would be happy to pay postage (to Alexandra 3714). I will am looking forward to getting my craft room up and running and filling the shelves with fabric so I have to de-stash too!!!

Allison said...

Squeeeeeeeeal. Me. Me, me, me, me, me. Pick me, oh great goddess of interwebz giveaways!!

*crosses fingies*

Vic said...

Oh, yes! Count me innnnnnnnnnnn! I particularly love that fabric middle centre in the top photo; I had a Blythe dress in that fabric, it's purty.

Oh to have a stash like yours if this is just the trimmings...

The Patch Craft said...

Oh wow what a lot of fabric, one day I would love to be able to have my own sewing room filled with fabric.

Adele - A Lass from Downunder said...

I think I'd be feeling a bit like Gollum from Lord of the Rings if I had someone come and help (errr ... force) me to cull stuff. Cue, me hunched over some stuff (any stuff) muttering 'my preciousss' while patting the stuff lovingly, before it's ripped away from me!