Monday, June 13, 2011

Long weekends.....

We Aussies love a long weekend, don't we? Actually, anyone that doesn't is a bit odd. I usually don't have plans for the long weekends, I've usually run out of money, but I've started to love pottering around at home for them; a sewing room will help with that!

Saturday morning had The Kid helping her uncle at Essendon Farmer's Market on his Happy Fruit stall; that brought us home some yummy Green Eggs and Nicolas olives. Got to be happy with that!

However, by the afternoon, the 'mozzie' bites Little Miss thought she had were spreading; they were itchy, and a call to Nurse On Call confirmed my tentative guess- Chicken Pox! She's having a mild dose, there isn't much itching or other signs of illness; but unfortunately a contagious disease means we are housebound for a bit longer. I'm confronted all the time in my professional role with idiots people who don't immunise their children, for their own beliefs, not taking in to account the effect on the child. These people spend the whole pregnancy doing the best for the baby, to then expose them for the rest of their to preventable illness! Yes, they may still get the illness, but the effects are so much less. I truly believe those parents needs to tour the hospitals and see the effects on the kids before they are allowed to non immunise!

Sorry, rant over!

So we have had forts; Enid Blyton story Cd's on constant repeat (Curious Connie is SUCH a pain);

getting everything out but not finding 'anything to do';

 and lots of silly message-bot notes.

The other family member is causing just as much fuss. I woke this morning to find the sewing room
on its way to being trashed....

only to find the 'Guardian of The Stash' flat out at work. She had knocked the doily box over in
 her efforts to get to the vintage pile!

Using part of the vintage stash also causes lots of fun- bunny kicks and crazy eyes! What have I created??????


Jennie said...

I can't believe how much mess the cat made!!

Wish we had had the option to immunise against CP! Another reason to move here added to the list! Hope she feels better soon!

dear olive said...

We chose not to immunise Olive. I won't go into the reasons here, but I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. Your cat looks EXACTLY like the cat we had growing up, Jasmine, who was tragically run over at the ripe old age of 19. Hope your daughter gets better. Kellie xx

Stomper Girl said...

I'm very pro-immunisation too! As well as the fact that non-immunising means newborns are now at increased risk of death via whooping cough etc, I am also cranky that the immunisation bonus paid by the government goes to immunisers and conscientious objectors alike. WTF?

We immunised for chicken pox and both kids still got it, although reasonably mildly. Hope your girl is over the worst.

Oh and your kitty? So cute. As soon as I get fabric out for a sew, our kitty sits on it. Makes it very difficult to cut...

Brianna said...

Bad kitty, it took us ages to sort all that fabric out! Hope little muss isn't too bored with having to play all the time. :D