Sunday, July 31, 2011

A REALLY Big Thank You


I sincerely want to thank you all who commented on my last (deleted) post, you help in so many ways. I also received emails from a few special people, and am slowly working my way through replying to all of them individually, but can I just say

I deleted the post after realising that I didn't want to have that post as a focus of my blog, more that I needed a space to vent, and then to take in all the great feedback I got from it. It kept me positive and happy even through a re-volting flu this week, which left me in bed for 4 days, bah, I didn't let it beat me!

So with a combination of your good support, my meds (yes, I'm diagnosed with depression and have taken medication for about 5 years) and GP, and my (occasional) positive attitude, I'll make it!

Another girlie who's made me smile this week is over here, spreading a dose of reality! These are the spots in my house I 'move' things around, or walk over, just pretending they're not there, really....

chenille pile I haven't touched in weeks;

kid's bed as it stays during the week

 the clean washing/ironing pile I get dressed from each morning

OK, so they're not as scary as some things I could have photographed, but if you came to my house and theses things weren't like this, you'd better feel like royalty haha (or look under the beds!)

Oh, and if you don't have a big bunch on online friends, or you do and still want some professional help, give these guys a call- you never want to feel bad enough to write that yucky blog post!


Vic said...

I missed your last post Gorgeous (story of my frikkin life lately) but lucky, sneaky me... it was still cached in Google Reader so I could read it.

I had no idea. To me, you are funny & productive & clever & talented; which is why I am so surprised to find that that isn't how you always see yourself, too.

But hey! You're feeling better, so... "We shall never (or only occasionally...) speak of this again." ;)

You're super brave taking these naked pics of your house - not happening over here, no way, no how. I have to look at it all everyday - I don't need it on my blog too! xx

Unknown said...

I could take a ton of photos of my house that are far worse than that. My trouble is that no sooner have I cleaned one mess than another one is started.

Mistea said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better about the world - Hope you had a chance to enjoy some sunshine today.
Those pics are not so bad - I'd never invite anyone to look under the bed at my house - the dust bunnies would eat them alive!

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear you've been lowly (as I like to call it - as opposed to poorly). I missed your post - sorry. Glad you're feeling a bit better.

As for the honest bits of your house - you're a brave woman! I try to hide my honest bits in photos! He he.

Lyndel said...

hope today's sunshine in Melbourne put some sunshine in your heart too

Sue said...

Great to see your back Bec. I know all about the depression thing too so it is great to have online and real friends to talk to about it and have support which is the best thing. No one really understands it unless they have been through or going through it themselves. I am so happy that your still blogging and crafting!

Leonie said...

I think we all have those parts of the house we wish would clean themselves. Such a pity they don't though. Looking under the beds in my house you won't find the mess, you'll find the yarn and fabric stash! We have four bed locations and there's stash under three of them and quite often a kid under the fourth!

Tanya said...

Hey there, I did noticed you'd deleted it Bec, good on you for working out 'what works' (the writing, the deleting). I am proud on my fellow bloggy readers that we contributed to making you feel abit more chipper. I hope you have an ace GP, sometimes meds need to be tweaked every now and then.
Anyway, it was sunny here today, and I hope it was sunny where you were xx

Lindy in Brisbane said...

Woo Hoo! Good on you. So glad you're feeling better. And the piles of stuff everywhere? I cleaned up part of the kitchen the other day and my daughter said "Wow, I didn't know we had a bench there!"

Finki said...

Yay, I'm glad you're still blogging and crafting. Love your styled photo shoot of the new quilt too. Jay xx

Ange Moore said...

Oh I love the photo of your clean clothes pile - in front of an empty bookcase/wardrobe!! Life is very much like that at our house too!!

Maxabella said...

My dining room table is permanently full of folded clothes. I can get them that far, but no further it seems. Sigh.

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Bec, I just want to give you a giant big cuddle. I was able to read your post, and so get where you are coming from. It is good to vent, and our blogs are such a wonderful way to get it all out in the open. I have had several depressive episodes in my life, and I know that feeling all too well, people can be just so annoying, concentrate on you and your girl. and try to block out all but the lovely people in your life.
And for the record, my house is always a shambles - I'd rather be sewing or eating more than cleaning or tidying up. They are my priorities, and I make no apologies for them.
Big hug, Cat.