Sunday, July 3, 2011

A new baby

I finished this little pinwheel quilt this week, and have already posted it to it's new owner (a worlds record posting for me!). I did have a little pile of clothes etc as well, so I knew I'd better post soon or she'll be too big!

I used a vintage sheet on the back, so cute and easy.

A 'slightly scrappy' binding, 2 colours to blend the front and back together.

Straight line quilting (except this photo is of the wonkiest bit, but hey, wonk is fine!)

And again, yummy corners. I surprise myself every time they work, believe me.

Oh, and I have to show off my 'non gardening'. Most of the back and front look like this at the
moment....(weeds pretending to be grassy lawn)

 But in a little neglected corner, a bit of beauty.


Mistea said...

Perfect quilt for a little person. Lovely bright pinwheels.
Straight is only a perception.

nicole said...

it's so gorgeous bec!
and your backyard doesn't look nearly as bad as mine! damn sunday weather!

willywagtail said...

I would love to have received something home made like that when I had littlies. It's lovely and I think the wonk gives it a loved appearance much more than a perfect factory made item. Cherrie

Sue said...

What a pretty quilt! The lilies look as though they are enjoying all the cold weather we have been having.

Margaret said...

Gorgeous Pinwheel's! Oh to find the time to go back to the sewing machine!

melissa said...

Your quilt is gorgeous Bec, i bet the bubba will love it!