Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kris Kringle 2011

I joined a swap a little while ago, over here at this girls' blog. I liked the idea of the whole 'secret' bit- we didn't know who we were making for, you found out once you were finished making! Well, I didn't cheat, that's for sure!

So here's what I made. I got the pattern from here after I saw them at the NCB Xmas Party (thanks Mel!). after I made them the girl and I said to each other that we'd like to keep one they were so cute!

And her's what I got in return! How lucky was that! In a Liberty print, I think. 

Clare (blogless I think) also sent this gorgeous bunting. Her card said that she'd bought this fabric in Amsterdam on a recent work trip, so I feel extra special she used on me! Well, someone she didn't know, really.

Hopefully Clare is reading this so she can see I LOVED THE GIFT! Thanks!

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sophie said...

So beautiful Bec, birds are perfect at Christmas. What a great swap.