Thursday, December 29, 2011

More projects

We got this book a while ago, and as soon as we did, the post-it's were put in!
She pulled it out yesterday and picked her first (of many) projects.

A cute little softie!
The thing that amazes me about kids and sewing is a bit like everything they try- NO FEAR! They don't procrastinate, worry it's not perfect, think about for ages etc. I've told her about a seam ripper, but she looks at me like I'm stoopid!
So she threw herself into this one too.

There's no hand sewing happening- she's more a Sharpie face kind of kid!

I knew my Echino bat fabric would find a use one day!
and felt is very forgiving on the sewing machine. Even the opening was machine sewed!

My project for today was her first nightie (but I had to say no to her on the machine today, haven't figured out how to do my own stuff while teaching yet, I know it will come!)
She saw this at Spotlight for $3 (bought with my free $10 voucher, yeah!) I thought I
 had a nightie pattern in the stash- nope!
I channelled my skills and turned out a pretty ok 'pillowcase' nightie.
I cheated as it wasn't a pillowcase!

 She likes it , I think, wasn't too sure how to finish the top, I muddled through it.

And I wanted to show some bags I made as pressies- so fun to make, the hardest bit 
was picking the colours to go together!

the bottom 2 I made as a teacher gift and Assistant Principal gift!One had 
choccies inside, and the other a hand made purse. I made one for Cam too, but forgot the photo!

I started with the tutorial over here,  then bought Jeni's great pattern- lots of clear picks, and she worked out the sizes for heaps of bags, and tell you how to work out custom sizes too. they are fully lined, too- bonus when you have lots of fabric to use up enjoy!


Leonie said...

oh totally cool! love her softie and the nightie too.
And Im sure the doing projects side by side will come with time (Please!! lol)

willywagtail said...

Escellent sewing by all. I wonder ghow I would look n a pillow case nightie. At least it would be easier to make than the one I am currently taking weeks to shirr. Cherrie

Unknown said...

I think she is going to need her own Spotlight VIP card. Fancy using your $10 voucher :P

Seam rippers are for sissys, haha!

Mistea said...

Lots of fun stuff happening on your break - Enjoy creating together.
Love the bat - too cute.