Friday, January 6, 2012

The last few days

So having time off over Xmas and New Year's means I still have no idea what day it is, despite a full day back at work today! Here's a bit of what happened over New Years.....

LOTS of reading. All the birthday and Xmas books have been read.

and of course, more sewing! I really can't believe I got 2 quilts done over Xmas and NY with this naggy sewing girl....

May I introduce....Snorkle!

Made from Jodie's pattern Pickle.

 she's not being rude, just mimicking Snorkel's tongue

 I went backwards on those steps! Instructions great (well, I read them anyway) and I gave her some help at the end (I can spot o UFO at 50 paces!!)

We spent the 40 dgree Celsius day on New Years Day public holiday down at the beach, so much cooler!

and sucking on ice cubes at Portsea Pub

Snorkel came too, of course.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like a blissful few days!