Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pinwheels and PJ's

The kid and I had a long weekend last weekend, with Friday being a curriculum day at her school. So her BFF slept over the Thursday night and played beautifully together all day, while I got this done.

I whizzed up to Spotlight to get some light grey homespun, as I woke up thinking 'grey quilt. pinwheels'. Anyone done that before?

I found this great tutorial which meant they were perfectly joined;

and by Sunday I had a quilt top!

(it's meant to be random, don't know how successful that is)

I then found a twin needle in the packet that comes with the sewing machine (never even looked at those packets before!) I've been dying to try one out, and leggings were the best to try them out.

and the verdict- fantastic! I forgot to change the bobbin the first time, luckily a scrap try first.

they were deemed perfect, just right!

I did a nice think waistband, which she says is more comfortable.

I also made her some pj pants, out of op shopped Little Miss op shopped fabric. She really didn't need them, but hey, they look great!


nice and baggy, last 2 seasons maybe?

My crazy kid.

 (tshirt from Target. $8 and beautiful quality.)

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Michelle said...

Oh my gosh! Fantastic quilt! Love pinwheels but can never get the little buggers to join correctly. I'm going to try this tutorial!