Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Tova

A week or so ago I pinned and cut another Tova- this time the dress. I have this fabric in the stash, from the oppy I'm sure (well, it has the smell of an op shop, but that could just be from hanging out with my other op shop fabric haha). It's seems like a suiting fabric.

What a pain to sew! It only took me 2 days though.

I ended up overlocking around each piece- it's a really loose weave so frays like crazy. 
Once it was serged I could get a grip on it! Very slippery too.

Great fabric for hiding seams etc though.

Despite the carpet needing a major vaccum, I'm really happy with it. I think it's def a 
suiting fabric, it has a great drape.

I'm giving it a fresh smelling wash, then i'll take up the hem- I'm hoping it sits just above the knee, so I can wear it with boots and tights.

Red boots, mind you, with this fabric it can be accessorized like crazy!

Some other gorgeous patterns of hers- downloadable!


thornberry said...

Looks gorgeous Bec - I love that fabric, and think that it will be very versatile in terms of accessories. A definite winner!

Unknown said...

It looks great, Bec! I think red boots would look great, too. Come back and model it for us.

Lisa said...

Looks lovely!

Sally said...

Brilliant. Fantastic fabric. Really truly awesome. Good one Bec.

Yana said...

great job! it will look lovely with tights and red boots!! :) you'll have to show us a photo once you're all dressed up!