Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Bit Belated.....(and probably a bit long)

 So I picked myself up last weekend from the sadness of giving that lovely quilt away- and moved onto the next one! I first saw this quilt at the first kid's class we did at Millrose Cottage, and wanted to make it pretty badly! So on Saturday just gone I went to my 4th (4th!) class at Ballan, and got started on it!

I'd asked for a fabric pack made up- the 'choosing of the fabrics' isn't my favourite bit! I like a pack, bundle, layer cake, anything that saves me too much 'thinking about it'. Unlucky for poor Liz working that day the fabric packs weren't there, but lucky for me she quickly helped me put my own together- and I helped too! So breaking me out of my comfort zone a bit....

 the original


We all got a Dresden finished nearly finished  for the day- 2 girls were hand piecing (eek!) and us others were probably just chatting too much! A great bunch to sew with. Judy was a fantastic teacher, pulling us into line, great explanations, and I'm soooo not worried I can't finish this now. In fact, I got home and continued on, completing 180 Dresden 'petals' but bedtime. 

So why do I travel an hr from home to do a class when a) I can teach myself most things via the net or books and b) I always buy extra fabric and really shouldn't be let loose in that shop at all?

The class includes a great lunch, at the cafe next door, and you pretty much don't think about a thing for the whole time you are there. 'Would you like a coffee?' on arrival, to afternoon tea, at the perfect time you're getting snoozy from a big drive and longish day.


As an added bonus the farmer's market was on that day, so a 'breakfast' on a chicken sausage in bread was a great start to the day too! I think I'd have to do the Farmer's Market on a 'non-class' day, as I don't want to waste sewing time haha

I realised on the day I hadn't blogged about the 2nd 'kid's class' Little Miss and I did over the last school holidays! Nearly the same group...

 they all got on like a house on fire, as did us mums! 

 the 'workroom';

  half a rhino;

 and Humphrey aka Dozer

a 'loon' of rhino's??

bottoms (heeheehee)

and 'stacks on!'

A seriously awesome place!


Liz said...

aww, thanks Bec, it was great to see you and we're really glad you had a good day, those fabrics look awesome too..

Michelle said...

Wow Bec -0 that quilt is going to be seriously amazing! I've had such a love affair with Dresdens over the last year - since SIT in Sydney, actually - but have never made one other than a kaleidoscope one years ago. I really should get onto that!