Friday, August 10, 2012


I apologise profusely for more pics of this quilt. I have bombarded Instagram (where I'm becsibbi) and twitter with them lately. Sorry. Can't help it.

 I fell in love with a line of fabric last year, and as a Xmas pressie to me, bought myself a layer cake of it. I searched the Moda Bakeshop for a 'layer cake friendly' pattern, where I found this. Consider me a very happy chappy.

Fast forward a few lots of months. The quilt top was done, but too many other things got in the way, and after all, it was only for me! It could wait. But a chance chat with an work colleague, and before I knew it, pics were shown and it was sold!

Thanks to good counseling from friends, and Twitter support, I have just delivered it to it's new owner! A girl about to turn 14. (Her mum bought it, paid, drove it home. It's a b'day surprise for a few weeks time).

So excuse me while I bombard my blog with pics of one of my fave quilts ever.....

 pieced backing;

 basting (and batting adjustments)


 the rain stopped for pics (happy animals as they aren't wet);



 awesome binding;

*sigh*. At least I have photos. Which, by coincidence, I had on my phone and when I showed a snap to my accountant (don't ask me how that happened, I have no idea) he pulled cash out on the spot and order a king size version!

Unfortunately I don't want yardage of Terrain, which is all I can find; so I'm going to use Cuzco
Not that I'd get bored anything, but any excuse as much beautiful fabric as possible!


Angie said...


That is one beautiful quilt, you're an inspiration!

Unknown said...

Awesome! Love the quilt and your accountant has great taste.

nicole said...

wowsers! it's gorgeous!
hope your accountant made you that coffee too!

Mistea said...

Way to go!
See accountants aren't all about boring numbers.
Enjoy creating.

Nic said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I follow you on IG and have 'liked' a few of the quilt pics but the pictures on a big computer screen make it look sooooo much better! Good work!!!

Tas said...

Wow, I can see why you are so proud. It is gorgeous!

Sue said...

Gorgeous, and I love the backing as much as the front. Well done on earning a commission through your tax agent too!

Sally said...

sIt is a stunning quilt for sure. I thank you for letting me gaze on its beauty too :)

Danielle said...

Great work Bec, I love it!

Michelle said...

Amazing! I think I have a new favourite quilt! And thanks for the link to the pattern - it's a good one and I hadn't noticed it before on the bake shop! Probably because I don't tend to buy layer cakes! (but oh, I will be now!!)