Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Keeping Out Of Trouble Part 1

Spring is in the air! I was a bit tired of the old winter wardrobe, and the beautiful week of spring weather recently spurred me to update the wardrobe a bit. I dove into the stash and found some nice medium weight denim, and 2 hours later....

a skirt! Pattern by this chickie, and you can buy it from here. I'm lucky (or unlucky, depends how you look at it!) to be the same size as I was the last time I made it, so I had the pattern all ready, and have made a few now so  it was a great quick make.

The top is another Alma blouse, the seersucker gingham *sigh* was bought specially for it- a few weeks prior! I love this fabric....I cheated this time and didn't put a zip in, as it fits easily over my head, and I could have taken a bit in the shoulders so the tight cardi doesn't sit a bit funny- but I'm hoping for less need for the cardi in a few weeks!

The warmer weather has (temporarily) altered the need for the knitted cowls; I threw together a quick 'infinity' style scarf, a long tube twisted and stitched together. I used some lawn from Spotlight as a practice, trying to get the guts to cut up some Liberty lawn!

Remember the Triple Zip swap I mentioned a few posts ago? Mine was very well received, with a wonderful blog post about it over here. I also received a gorgeous pouch, from manybooks4u (on flickr).

It was full of yummy goodies, I've never seen coloured magnetic snaps, and have fallen in love Glamping now I have a mini charm pack!

 And last update- the scrappy zig zag is pieced and ready to go....when I get to the Spotlight sale and pick up some batting!

This one's a keeper, that's for sure!

             Stayed tuned for part 2 where I reveal a special little job I was asked to do....


Nikki said...

Wowee! YOu are keeping yourself busy! No time for mischief at all!

Mistea said...

Wish I could get my sewing mo on! I'd like some new clothes.
Have a wonderful day at the Hijinks!