Sunday, September 15, 2013

Keeping Out Of Trouble Part 2....

I was asked to make a special gift for a special Dad for Father's Day this year, and I couldn't refuse! 
It started with "I'd love to buy a hexie brooch off you" and "Do you have any blokey fabric in your stash?" and a deal was done! (I'm cheap sometimes...hehe)

Surprisingly (or not if you've ever seen my stash) I had it all in there. I added some Curlypops fabric, of course! Also a mix of quilting cottons and thin to thick corduroy. For some reason I wanted texture in this quilt! (I had free reign, but checked in regularly with Cam).

there was cutting, sewing and basting....

 and the quilting. I was with outlining all the squares, and then some diagonal lines. I had heard of and been recommended to try the quilter's gloves, and luckily Coles has the Ansell brand of gloves that worked a treat. (If you click on the link, just add 'quilting' to the uses haha). In case you've never heard of using them, they help grip the fabric to be fed through the machine. I don't think I've made such a heavy quilt before, due to the cord, so I literally had to pick it up to feed through; the gloves help you push it a bit more. Just what I needed!

  A 'mid quilting' layout and admire inspect

and a full shot when I delivered it to Cam. We were to busy gas bagging to remember to do it outside in the sun, so an inside shot unfortunately.

I named it 'The Bloke' haha

 Trying it on for size- my eyeballing on the design wall is always off- I thought I would need to add more before I tested it this way! Lucky the kid will sleep through anything...

We ducked out to vote on the quilting day (ie election day here in Oz) and came home to find the first seal of approval... (the backing was a lovely soft flannel with a teeny purple stripe. Poor cam had bought something similar it Spotlight for the back, but this from my stash trumped it- sorry Cam!)

 The binding is the Denise Schmidt green and blue check fabric, in a smart move I'd grabbed a bit when it was on clearance at Spotlight, I like how it's a bit scrappy with some bits green and others blue.

And the best pic and the reason I love making them? A happy new quilt owner!

 Awww! (yep, there may have been choking up at that!)


CurlyPops said...

Brilliant! Love it!!!!! Thankyou so much x

ARTwendy ... said...

Love to see a happy new quilt owner!!

Tas said...

Aw, how gorgeous. Always lovely to know that your work and talent is appreciated too.

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

I love how you tested your quilt on your sleeping girl :)

What a fantastic quilt! I love the corduroy and the texture it lent to this quilt top.