Monday, August 25, 2008

2 quilts

Ok, here are the 2 quilts I finished off theis week...actually, tomorrow, I have binding to finish on the one on the left. The one below is a cute made up one- had the cowboy fabric from a shirt I made for my nephew, plus bargain bin ric rac and vintage chenille. Found the lovely backing in an op shop, I think, have had it a while. I am happy with the result, especially the binding! :)

Excuse the poor photos, it was night and the clothes airer was handy....

The one top left (added after and not in too bad a position) is an actual pattern, found here However, I forgot to add binding to the top and bottom, and made the squares 5 inch, as 4 and 7/8 was too fiddly for me on that day! So can't tell you the finished size, maybe a cot quilt size? This was is for a friend finishing up work this week to go on mat leave. When I started it is was just for fun, with no one in mind. It's good how that works out. The cowboy one will go to a stach of finished projects with no homes.
My mum sent me the chenille, it is new, from Spotlight. She has just started sewing with it, and didn't like it much, so I got the leftovers. Thought the zig-zag effect was nice, plus it's super soft.

Will post a few more finished ones during the week. I have about 10 cut out out the moment, all in varying stages of completion, waiting for the day I have a market or something.

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