Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A hard earned thirst needs a good old....

Cleaning up the kitchen? Reorganising the cupboards? Thinking life can't get more boring....?
Then you find the birthday box! Filled with candles and other exciting stuff, the sparklers were found from the first birthday almost 4 yrs ago. Who needs and excuse- I used 2.

I love the smell at the end of the sparkler, probably toxic and definitely addictive (I said I did 2, didn't I?). I wrote my name, and my girls name. Don't feel guilty she missed out- there are a few left. If she's ever up after dark, she'll experience them teehee.

remember 'throw downs'? They are my best memory of cracker night. That and trying not to get killed! I wonder what our children's equivalent is? After my Ikea jaunt the other day and four new candle holders, my girl now sleeps to candlelight, maybe she doesn't need the thrill of cracker night as she has candles each night. I have never had her sleep so quickly as now she has candles to gaze into......

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