Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sick day blues

Well, I don't like sick days, I've decided. It is much better to have a day off work when you are feeling good. I felt sooky and sore all day from this virus that has been getting worse for a few days, so I gave into the beast and tried to rest. Well, I managed to do that, hence the following projects:

Yellow floral bias tape and
a browny spotty one, and purple (sorry about the flash).

I decide this was resting as I sat on the couch, with the ironing board really low, and watch ER and made tape. I have a heap of baby quilts to finish, so this was a necessary project, plain bought stuff being too boring. I used this little gadget http://www.shopatron.com/product/part_number=464/181.0.22734.22738.0.0.0, which eliminated the burning fingers and melted tape measure jobs of the past. Mind you, the metal thing gets hot. I made the 25mm tape, so quick and easy. The rest of the site is good, too, I made the yo-yo canvas with their yo yo maker, idiot proof, really.

Being sick makes you a bit sooky, though, my cat decided to reject me last night and slept in my child room- sob, I missed the annoyance and miaowing when I rolled over. At least i got to wear my trackies with style, and went bra-less for comfort, worse still I left the house like that! Not that anyone could notice, with scarfs and jumpers etc, but I knew. Very liberating haha.

Back to the bias making, lots more to do.


Taccolina said...

Ooh, I love that yellow floral bias tape - I must get one of those gadgets, I'm still burning the paws each time I make bias. yeowch. Hope you get better soon.

Angie said...

ok, your bias efforts have inspired me,I'll finally give bias making a go - I have of these gadgets, just need to get started. Do you cut the fabric at 45 degrees & sew them all together? (it's the thought of all that joining that turns me off)

Bec said...

I love handmade bias tape - and these are gorgeous! Hope you're starting to feel better :)

Mixed Species said...

May have to try these myself after this talk