Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

After procrastinating for a while (ok, the whole winter) I finally took a day off from inside duties (had to ask the boss- ie me!) and focussed on the backyard. the source of inspiration was the fact i'd have 3 kids to mind on Monday (today). So yesterday, Sunday, bright and early about 10am I borrowed a mower and got stuck into pruning, mowing and sand pit cleaning. The latter was hard, I had 2 bags of sand that had sat in water all winter, and it is heavy stuff! This back tree was overgrown onto the lemon tree, the back was very dark and is now so open and light. I hate gardening with a passion. This is why I am raving about my efforts! My landlords complained a few months ago I was keeping it how they like it, I successfully argued with them and they didn't come for the threatened inspection. Now I kind of want them too!
Lovely short grass, and note the edges- Ikea scissors! Must look like a loon doing them by hand, but the edges make the yard, I feel.
After pruning back this tree, found a birds nest. have to prune this one back as it is almost under the clothesline (not good forward thinking on that one). I wasn't sure when the nest was made, but this morning found a blue egg in it! It must have been laid last night or this morning. Pity 2 5yr old girls found it and brought it inside to show me......
And a box of lemon and mint to give to friends. Still have heaps of lemons on the tree, hope the pruning perks it up a bit (probably the worst time of year to prune, but hey, I only have one day where I feel this energetic!)

My good friend had her 3rd baby Fri night, 3 under 3, 18mths apart-egads! Haven't met her yet, but seen pics- will prob visit Thursday. Off to make some new baby goodies!

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