Saturday, September 20, 2008

Poor doggy

I knew Murray needed a haircut, I have tried for weeks to have spare money to get it doen, finally I bit the bullet and took him- the poor dog! This is the before shot..... and now. She said it's the second time she's done this to a dog! he was very matted underneath, and had fleas- he doesn't look like my dog any more! This coat was too small for him a while ago, now it's too big! Have done the flea treatment too, but still felt like the worse mother EVER!
He tries to sit but his bottom is cold on the ground, so he kind of squats. Poor bubby.
We picked him up then had to run off to a 5 yr old b'day party, a fairy party, such fun!
A very tired and sooky girl on the couch now, ready for bed soon. At least one of my kids looks happy!


laughing purple goldfish said...

murray is unrecognizable!!! wow - what a difference a haircut makes...

and that 'fairy' is too adorable for words

bec said...

Poor Murray, I keep doing double takes. He looks like a chiwowa (I can never spell that word- ratty looking dogs from mexico, you know?). He looks cold!