Saturday, August 15, 2009

A good find

Cleaning up can definately be rewarding! Forgot I had this, and found it again today- may make a new cover, and a pressing ham to go with it.

Speaking of cleaning up, it is going slowly...very slowly. I make myself do an hour a night after child is in bed, and as much during the day as I can. This chick has kept me inspired- ahh, a chenille room! Well done, Selina!
Remember this little baby? He's now a cute 5mth old, so I had to make him a pressie....

some new little shoes! They won't fit him for long, but they'll look cute while they do!


Andi said...

What's a pressing ham? Doesn't sound kosher to me!! LOL
Cute little shoes. They might even fit for about 10 minutes!!
Good luck on the clean out. I'm dreading ours.
Andi :-)

Selina said...

I have found soo many things I totally forgot I had! It really feels good to have it all tidy. Good luck with the rest of it!